Friday, June 03, 2016

My legs wouldn't work properly

My legs stopped working properly this week but I could not figure out what the major contributing factor was.  One day of it was scary enough but my tried and true treatment (don't use any part of your body that is complaining unless you have to and go to bed early) had me convinced that it was only temporary within 2 days.

Despite sitting mostly, the rebound suffering after Connor and Co's visit proved too much for the anti-inflammatory effects of the Prednisolone at that little dose anyway.  It has been really bad since then so I could not get to the Lung scan even after resheduling during the week.  I made it to the pain specialist with the help from a friend who drove me.  On 10mg bid now - added 5mg to night dose of main ingredient in Targin.  It does not cover my pain but I did not seem to be able to get that across to him.  He had me out the door in 10 minutes.  He was not interested in discussing the neurosurgeon report either.

 Remind me to phone housing next week.  The kitchen vinyl was not included in the contractor's instruction.  It will mean a hotchpotch of colour/joins if that is not included.

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