Thursday, June 16, 2016

Health, Healing & Hummingbirds

Health, Healing & Hummingbirds: Scientific information on improving serious disease through nutrition and treating the causes of disease – summarised from 100 of the world’s most cutting-edge health books
"This photo sort of means a lot to me. I had rested hugely for 2 days beforehand (to do a mothers day thing with my mum), and even put tinist bit of makeup on and a nice dress and some jewellery even (for my mum!), plus had the new not-just-ill-person-no-choice-basics hair which in my case was blue hair - a luxury I have not had for well over TEN YEARS. So it feels very 'real me' sort of. Like I am finally able to start reclaiming small bits of choice in my life, lost for so long. As I sloiwly improve I am seeing more clearly all I have lost..and so happy when I get even a tiny bit back...which is what this pic represents to me. Hugs:)"

 I did have purple hair for ages many years ago, and am going to do a violet thing next, can't wait:) Yes, am sick of jammies and wearing clothes that mostly I wd never chooce myself but have bene given, or someone else has picked out or whatever.
 Being so ill often means putting tons of effort into dissociating form your body...retreating from the pain, and trying to mind over matter it away a bit. So starting to reclaim it again in a small positive way is kind of big....musings! 
Did you know that Jodi got published in the local community paper?  She lived in WA.
"Of course after explaining twice to the local journalist that 'CFS' is not another term for M.E., and please could she not say I have 'CFS' in the article because I don't and this mislabelling/misdiagnosis has pretty much ruined my life, and her saying, oh yes of course I wont do that and thank you for educating me....yep, she did exactly that. Not a huge surprise, but a bit disappointing and I hope nobody I know reads the thing (that doesn't know me online). On the plus side, apart from this one (albeit significant) issue, it is an absolutely kick arse article. And the fact it mentions 'CFS' even if wrongly, will at least get more ill and possibly also misdiagnosed people to go to the site I hope."
Jodi Bassett 1994

Jodi Bassett at her home pre-illness
"Just as proof I was not a goth really, as we were discussing is a silly pic a friend of mine took of me in my backyard, just before ME hit. I would usually wear one super bright bit of clothing, and have the rest be fairly neutral so it wasn't too much. But for a laugh I decided to get the brightest loudest things out of my wardrobe and put them all on at once, and then pose, stupidly. Used to love that skirt so much! Very scary as a whole ensemble though:) Here is an even sillier pic." Recently posted on Facebook showing what she was doing at 18-19 years old.

"If not now, when?  If not here, where?  If not you, then who?"

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