Monday, June 06, 2016

Parenting Nightmare - First day of school again

It has been a parenting nightmare for number two son.  It seems he regrets giving the mother a second chance so once again my darling Coolman has been forced into changing schools and homes for the second time this year.  The action started after a kitchen fire event which he wasn't there for luckily.
Kawungan means 'scrub magpie'

It looks like he is wasting away.  Mother said he had no appetite because of the tablets.  Step-mum said they have put him back on his tablets.  A week-long bonding session preceded this day so he has missed a bit of school.  He is attending a special needs class that has only 8 students.  Step mum reported that he likes the teacher and that he is pleased with himself for doing well on the first day.  A good start at a school which has this policy.

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