Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Drama for the sake of it

Last weekend - he went fishing with C locally despite the "i hate you" the day before.

I was staggering going up the bank, he offered help
Remember that tree in the background was wiped out?

Today, before I got to lie down Mr plod came to the door giving me the third degree about the workmen. I had seen them park up on the grass on Flora's side nosed in to the yard a touch I wondered but my view was obstructed as usual and it may have been Mr plod's place. All I ever really know is that the dog's barking is driving me nuts whichever house it is but when no-one came to my door I went down the back of the house to lie down again and then I heard Flora calling.

Back to the door again, no shoes, no teeth again.  Flora asked me if I was expecting someone to do the carpet because they had parked on her side and she moved them on to my place. They were already parked when I got to the door but I did not see or hear anything of the move itself.  I could not really care about where they parked.  I explained to Flora who it was and we finally worked out that she probably heard the word carpenter rather than carpet.  I just knew that I had to get some sleep.  [I am so much better when I get plenty.  I am obligated to look after my body more selfishly than most.] The workmen came to the door and Flora returned to her side.  ...oh dear now I remember, they only came to the door when a second vehicle turned up so the young one must have been the culprit driver and remained in the purple van waiting for his superior. I did not tell Mr. Plod that because I just remembered then. I told him who they claimed to be and who hired them (Housing). Apparently there were deep tyre marks and I suggested that he may have been poopy at Flora asking him to move because Mr Plod thinks it is a spin the tyre mark. I think he wanted me to go outside and look but I finished with "I'll check it out later".  I went to bed finally. My body was getting desperate and at some time between then and now I remembered that Flora often leaves the hose going too long and the ground may well be damp even there but I have not spoken to anyone about that because it is well and truly night time now that I have woken up. I did go out and look at the car tracks in the grass with a torch and they were in front of Flora's just by his grass but not on it like Mr Plod had implied by saying "out the front of my place".

It does not take much to cause a bit of drama around here and all I ever want to do is keep out of it. It's pathetic what people worry about, it is hardly anything of a mark and the Summer growth will conceal it in no time.  But drama will be on again tomorrow because Mr plod now knows that they will be back at 7.30 am to remove shower tiles. Just what I need.  I wonder if he will use it as an excuse to come inside here.  He was in full Police uniform...hey come on Andrew, hermits don't like attention being drawn their way.
Holiday visitors on the last day of September

Some say the sun makes them relapse.  That's cruel.

Back on the Deralin after this short visit to watch life

Walking to a sitting spot and back to the car caused prolonged relapse which continues


zena said...

So much drama about nothing he is a really noisy chap. Hopefully one-day him being nosy will actually help you out rather than stress you out

ZzirF said...

You meant nosey. I think he thought he was going to fix things for Flora who was so upset and told him. Maybe he thought the better of it because he did not turn up the next day but it was so funny and still is how the workers have turned it into a joke. Not that they talk to me about it...all very professional....and Flora is jealous about the "good" job being done at my place and not on hers because she just got a rail in a ground plug of cement and I am getting extended cement and a step!!! I feel sorry for her because it really does bother her but I just lend an ear. I don't feel guilty...but getting back to the joke....she has complained to them about unfair treatment (the poor workers as if they pick and choose the jobs) and so one day when the opportunity arose and Flora had demanded to know what they were doing around the back of my place, the cute older one said "We're building her a pergola" pmsl I did!