Monday, October 10, 2016

Renovations that I am already appreciating

I am finally safe in the shower.  The other tiles were quite scary for me so I CAN put up with the grey quite easily.  Wednesday stuff.

Don't use the front door, lock it.

next door got a lump of concrete in the ground for her rail

They are extending the front as well as the side part where the rail will go

I don't need that, my knees work again remember, after 2 years without. It's my elbows this year and they are so bad.

Do not use till Friday
 Thursday stuff
Milo has not stopped being on red alert since then.  Wondering if I should drug her tomorrow., she is so jumpy now.

The guy that drove his car on Flora's side

The guy that told Flora to mind her own business

Sexy men can sit cross-legged - to my liking anyway, 3 of them

They made themselves at home

Use the front door but not the back door OK? See my new step which is not wide enough to set the walker on?

Flora's cemented in rail at her front door.  She has not stopped complaining.

I had to move my car, at first he parked on Flora's side again.
Friday stuff
wet concrete
Monday Turf
Before the soil is built up to concrete level

It is more uneven to walk on  under that nice-looking surface than before.
I should fill a few depressions before it takes root.

The big depression got filled up, no more bird bath

The water meter access pit is now level with the turf bit surrounding it

How is that soil down the side NOT going to get washed away in what could be a garden?
And how is Milo going to keep her paws clean?

Quite a few depressions still under that lot too that I should attend to but can't.
If that is mould on the concrete, shouldn't I be removing that too?

I guess the asbestos fence will be the next major intrusion

The outdoor rails didn't get fitted until a couple of weeks later so I hope you realise that these photos were added post post-date.


zena said...

It's a pity that step isn't wider otherwise I guess it's all good - now that it's over!
at least Milo can relax now

ZzirF said...

Yes it is because my wheelie walker won't even fit on that and probably because I wasn't used to it, I actually fell off it, still upright luckily but out the front when I was distracted by Milo who had taken off to be with Mr Plod or his kid.