Friday, January 08, 2010

.Long time no see visitor. Bda Finally visits in the early New Year. I ordered some mossie repellant come sunscreen from her many months ago but I have not been camping anyway so it did not matter too much that I didn't get it until now. Bda ended up giving it to me and I had a little Xmas gift for her too. It is hard to believe that on her birthday, she will switch to the old age pension which in her case, with all her Avon income, is not such welcome news. The disability pension is tax-free but the old-age pension is taxable. Bda is preparing for the idea of having to pay tax - which is pretty rediculous given her circumstances. She is still renting privately, still is not on the housing list, still running around like a blue-arsed fly for Avon and still putting stuff on her credit card. Maybe the idea is to keep your credit cards maxed out until you die and get the benefit of the plasma High Def TV and the beautiful furniture now. I wonder what happens after she dies. I wonder what happens to the economy when all the baby boomers die with maxed out credit card debt?
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