Monday, January 18, 2010

Crepe Myrtle January 2010 
It's pretty big now. 

I've been crook with a blockage in the gut and the liquid started last night, nearly 24 hours of it. Rob was in town and wanted me to go with him to metal detect the beach and I couldn't go anyway.  I must have known since I was blown up like a huge balloon and found it hard to move and tried to act grateful for the hot chicken but it was not going down well.  He bought me some flowers on discount at the Supermarket which are very nice Oriental Lilies and the perfume is powerful. But as fate often has it when Rob is around, I was: trying to ignore symptoms; uncomfortable sitting on the chair; getting bitten by mosquitoes and hoping he would go before I got worse.  He came back around this afternoon but I was in bed and he left for Tewantin again. He let me know that he wants a girlfriend for the new decade during one of our conversations which were mostly about his recent trip up around Charters Towers and Townsville instead of doing the Christmas-New Year thing.

Anyway I slept most of the day away, unlike yesterday.  Yesterday I actually got up for sunrise and went out in the car to photograph the sun coming up at Neil St Dicky Beach and later I hung around Moffat Beach, wandered around, took photos and sat in the shade drinking a thermos of coffee.  All that before 7:30am.  Then I headed to the Farmer's Markets and bought a bit of fruit and veg, saw Tina's bric a brac stall and came home for a sit in my wading pool.  After breakfast I slept.  At least I got to do something before the body stuffed up again.  I'm supposed to be going to the dentist tomorrow - but appointment success rate has not been good for 2 months!

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