Friday, January 08, 2010

Connor and Mould man went camping on Jan 3rd to Cedar Grove Campgrounds in Amamoor State Forest.

Connor left with all his teeth but he came back 3 days later with one front tooth missing. The tooth fairy found him in the tent and paid for the use of his tooth with a couple of gold coins. It was showering a lot for their trip but they still had a good time by all accounts. I enjoyed the 2 days I got to myself but I did not get peace and quiet the whole time they were away because B lobbed with aches and pains and lay around here for 24 hours developing tonsilitis on top of the virus.  He had had a fight with Stacey but since New Year, they have been living in the same house. Nevertheless, B will be going back to R's when he is better or after the weekend which will begin this evening.

It is actually Connor's birthday today, but because we were not going to see him after Wednesday I gave him the birthday present from Grandnan early.  I must say he really did like the clock that did so many things - it is a changing colour night light cube, an alarm clock (for school), a calendar, and it shows the temperature too.  Connor particularly liked the touch function where you push on the uppermost surface and the light switches on just for a few seconds.  We had a long discussion about batteries and being in possession of something that would see him through high school, University and his first job if he looked after it properly.  We also practiced the touch action avoiding heavy pressure and non-hard surfaces.
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