Monday, January 18, 2010

Moffat Beach is getting a bit spindly looking.

In fact, the council seems to be going mad chopping down trees and thinning out areas for development or letting too many developers in here. Caloundra South affordable housing estate is being cleared by burning if I am guessing right by the smoke and smell last week. The boardwalk has lost all its trees near fisherman's end and cotton trees have been replanted - too small for the desperately needed shade. The main street lost 2 of its Morton Bay Figs hush hush style and the future of the rest remains uncertain.. Norfolk pines planted as memorials to soldiers in the World War, are being removed all over the coast - dangerous they say. And our last local Koala may have to move on as developers plan to clear away his 2 hectares of bush and only remaining food trees. The Salvation Army sold that land to developers I hear. And the tell-tale pink ribbons mark the demise of more bush. The thicket between Caloundra Rd and Pelican Waters Estate is being thinned slowly but surely. The next section is all completely cleared bush down to the soil interspersed with concrete canals appearing like worms being flooded out of the ground. Meanwhile the coastal vegetation of any size is being allowed to fall into the ocean and the tourists are getting the benefit of open views from their balconies. But we need shade!
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