Monday, November 21, 2011

Aching legs ruining my Life

 The title says it all.   Taking strong pain killers is causing problems of their own - constipation -  but when I don't take them I am miserable.  Actually everything is aching including fingers and ankles and I've also lost my energy that I had ever since taking the prednisolone for a week.  I seemed to stuff that up by going out on the weekend for the first time in years it feels like.  I met up with some very boring people at one of those Internet Meetups at Currimundi Lake.  I've done nothing since and have been sleeping the last 2 days and feeling the heat and humidity yet still wearing a scarf for my sore glands. 

My eyes have been blurry and sore but did I tell you that I had my eyes tested to check if the Plaquenil had done any damage?  Anyway, everything is fine with them except for them being a bit dry.  He sold me some artificial tears which make them feel worse. Anyway, enough of me, I have not filled you in on the boys.

S moved out of Dalby St and is now living in Kalua Apartments in Maroochydore.  I understand he is with females or at least one female this time - students I think.  He is still writing garbage on Facebook but I have not had any interaction with him since he borrowed the EeePC.  Also he quit selling Austar in the first week and went back to the Solar panel company so I assume he is still working there.

I had not heard much from B since I went up to visit.  He chose not to reply to any of my hello's on Facebook but he phoned tonight because he came home from work to find he had no power.  St has what they had owing the electricity company coming out of her Centrelink automatically so there has been a mix-up but he went shopping on the weekend and has a freezer full of food which was still frozen except for the icecream.  He phoned only to ask me to log into his Facebook account messages to St where her new phone number was recorded.  I could not help peeking at a few conversations between them and he has been asking her to come back, while she has been asking him to move up to HB but NOT to live together.  On one date B told her he did not want to lose his job and move and I also read that Julie and Steven were likely to move back to the Coast here sometime which I assume is her Mum.  She is still with her Nan.  Anyway they are still intertwined and who knows what will happen in the long-term despite the fact that B thinks she seems to have moved on from him.  They both seem pretty civil especially about Cohen.

B had Cohen this past weekend but I did not catch up with them via Skype.  That has not happened for a long time.

I also found out on the phone that Anthony from work has moved in with B to help with the rent until the lease expires.  He was the one I liked the least (disgusting mouth) when they all came to B's that night for drinks and he is also the one that is in hospital tonight because B was involved in chopping off his finger at work today.  I don't really understand how it happened but it was not B's fault directly.  Anthony was being careless and B was driving a forklift which was moving a length of steel.  Aside from trying to contact his parents (which B couldn't) B was more concerned about getting the power sorted out via St.

Here are the videos from my little visit up there that I did not post last time.  The first one is Cohen doing an imitation of something but I cannot remember what.
This next one is of the present that I took up for Cohen in case I do not see him for Xmas - oh yes I remember reading B asking St if he could go up to HB for Xmas so it looks like I will not get to be with them if she agrees.  Earlier, I asked if I could be there for Xmas with Cohen for once but the chances of that happening seem pretty remote now.
Here's cheers
This is how to do the shuffle - everybody's shuff-el-ing
The last one is when I drove to Glastonbury Creek

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