Friday, November 18, 2011

Journey on Prednisolone

You know the story - I took Prednisolone for a week and got back my energy so I took the opportunity to visit number 2 son who had become quite emotional about having to live on his own and only see his son every second weekend.  I had a good time except for the last night when he invited mates home.  I was still restricted in what I could do but I certainly did a lot more than I had been.  I had mini crashes after going shopping but I was OK again the next day and luckily I was given the bed since most of the time he sleeps in the lounge with his computer and TV and playstation.  The lounge folds down to a bed like a footon.  How do you spell phooton? Futon? Two of them actually. Futi.  Anyway here are some of the photos I salvaged off my hard drive.

 Yes I know they have red eye but I edited the ones downloaded on to his computer.  His iMac.  I covet that iMac.  But as for my computer, I get a boot screen back in some fashion one day and lose it again the next and I have lost data but I am recovering what I can and uploaded these while I had the chance.  I had a drive to check out the state forest campgrounds  in Brooyar State Forest but they were not suitable because the toilet block was up a hill and I just would not feel comfortable camping there for some reason.  Not that I have any immediate plans to go camping unfortunately - other than in my backyard should the Department painters come to paint inside this unit which could be announced any time.

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