Thursday, September 13, 2012

Car Wash

S is Washing Cars by hand and has been for a week part time.  He really does not like it. In reference to the "orange people" he just said on Facebook that everything is OK.  So hopefully he will not be moving again (yet).  I hope you remember it is his birthday next Wednesday.  He needs text books for the new semester which he has obviously decided to do.  I have his address somewhere, will try to remember to send it to you so you can send a card.

I had my regular blood tests early yesterday - and one was a urine specimen - locally.  I did not realize that you could take pathology request forms to any pathology collection centre regardless of the form you get the requests written on because the system is deregulated.  I'm glad Dr. Andrew told me.  It meant not having to go into town.

As for me, I am still recovering from the big day and getting spaced out from just sitting upright too long or concentrating on Facebook chat so I am out of here. 

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