Friday, September 07, 2012

Active Days

Up until a couple of days ago, I've been getting away with being more active than I have been all year (not that my memory is that good to know for sure).
 I've been cooking a lot for the low-starch diet and experimenting with new things like Kefir Milk, Kelp Noodles and Kale Chips.

 I was still having lots of sit-downs in between and I realized that I could not keep up this pace without a day nap and so I have been napping.  I've been really tired since that dizzy virus but I could still go to the shops and walk without wanting to plonk down.  One day I went out twice!  There are so many things I want to do but it wasn't long before I was getting warning signs which I have not been respecting enough.  I don't seem to have enough discipline to stop.  No sooner than I had sat down and I would be up again forging on past the increasing pain levels, blurry eyes and the rest of my warning signs.  I was on a roll and I didn't want to stop.  I still don't.  I went to Bunnings and bought I few plants and potting mix so I had even more to do after getting my ingredients from the Forest Glen Natural foodstore.

I would have gone up to HB last weekend if B hadn't have been sick with what sounds like the flu or a bad cold.  I have no such plans for this weekend because I need to conserve energy for Tuesday when I am going to have an appointment with a new doctor.  One that not only treats CFS and Lyme disease but also bulk bills.  He is in Noosaville.

I got some bad gut pains a couple of days ago so going low-starch is obviously not the whole answer because I got backed up again.  I had been taking more pain killers though because increased activity always means increased fibromyalgia pain.  I also had to take the beta blockers because my heart rate started shooting up again just doing nothing so my good run is over.  Bunnings was my last day out and getting that bag of potting mix around to the back yard has really flared up my "around the ribcage pain".  So now I am taking Celebrex too which is what I was prescribed when that heart pain turned out not to be heart pain.  It feels more like stretched cartilage to me.  In bed, I cannot raise myself up on one side and rest on one arm because the stretching brings on more permanent pain.  I stopped the beta blocker today because it really does make me extra tired and lowers my mood.  I am certain of it and perhaps I have relapsed because it was masking an important warning sign - the tachycardia.

I'm not having any problems with anxiety.

B is looking for a job but has not been able to set up the car requirements with regards to the i-license.  I have not heard from S since he said he would probably sign a lease when the time came.  He wants me to go down there for his birthday because he cannot afford the petrol to drive up.  He did not arrange anything with Connor for Father's Day as far as I know.

I hope things are working out for you.

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