Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Doctor for ME/CFS Labs

A long day to say the least.  Jan came with me for the drive to Noosaville to see Dr Andrew.  He always is running behind schedule so patients phone all the time to find out how far behind he is today.  I had an appointment at Midday, got there at half eleven and got seen at 2pm.  At half past eleven we knew we had an hour and a half to kill so we got Red Rooster and sat and ate at Noosa River.  Then we waited in the surgery waiting room for an hour.  My heart rate got up to 148 but it was more adrenaline today and I had no great problems sitting except that I would get waves of nausea every so often.  Anyway, the centre had kids single lounge chairs low down to the ground so guess who sat in the kids chairs with legs out stretched?

I don't like initial consultations.  It is all me talking (at 100 mile an hour) working my way from being a 16 year old to the present time in medical history.  Impossible in half an hour so you know you are doomed before you start.  But at least it is bulk billed so coming back to finish in a fortnight's time is not so bad financially.  It's the petrol and lunch money and rebound illness that are the all important considerations.  And $450 Lyme tests.  The rest of the tests he wants me to have are bulk-billed.

I have a man here who wants to put a reason behind CFS and he thinks it is a parasite.  He also said if I tested positive for it I should get the boys tested given certain problems they have. This parasite that he said doesn't have a name I am not sure if he meant separate and apart from Lyme Borrelia or not.  We ran out of time.  I'm supposed to phone Australian Biologics Testing Services in Sydney when I have the money for that Lyme Borrelia PCR.  He did not even ask about any tick history I might have had.  I still remember running to Mum ahead of you Zena, yelling "Mum, Zena has a spider stuck in her neck". I had never seen a tick before then except engorged on GiGi at the same caravaning trip up the NSW Coast somewhere.  Where was that?  The other tests ordered which I will have done ASAP include:

FBE, ESR, E/LFT's, TSH, ANA, B12/Folate, Bence Jones Protein, EPP (Serum) Ferritin, mycoplasma/leptospirosis/Q fever/chlamydia/rickettsia/typhus serology, vitamin 1, 25 OH D (ENA/ANCA as indicated), cortisol, food RAST, IgE

In relation to this parasite I think he meant, he asked if I had anything to do with farms, cattle, chooks.  So he was told about farms, cattle, and chooks with their stick-fast fleas but I forgot to mention unpasturised milk and beef being hung in a shed overnight before being minced, packed and consumed by us. The joys of marrying into disease.  Anyway it was enough of a reason to run some of those tests above.  I have tried to look some of them up.

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