Sunday, September 30, 2012

Over-active thyroid, Under-active adrenals

The title is a summary of some of my test results that were discussed on Friday with Doctor Andrew.  My appointment with him was for 1:30 and I got in at 5:30.  I'm not going to talk about that except to mention that they say there is no gain without pain and I don't think it should have to be like that!

My friend did not come with me this time because she was being a friend to the family who was a victim of a home invasion.

The test results

All tests related to blood cells, liver function and cancers were negative.  Iron and B12 levels were normal so I've been doing OK in that regard for at least a year now.

Kidney function (including glucose and electrolytes) he remarked as being fine but Creatinine was low at 38 umol/L (should be 50-120).

ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) test showed a low titre of 160 (normal < 80) in an observed "speckled" pattern.  I have had a positive to this in the past as well.  It is a non-specific marker for Lupus but the other markers I had tested (P-ANCA and C-ANCA) were negative.  It is getting retested in the next batch of blood tests.

Serum cortisol was low at 8:40am 170 nmol/L instead of between 220-660.  It indicates low adrenal function so my adrenals will be getting an ultrasound.  However, the short synacthen test I had earlier this year supposedly indicated that I did not have Addison's disease.  Serum cortisol will be retested via blood test too.  Doc wrote next to the results "natural cortisone" so he does not prescribe steroids at least not at this stage because they can turn Lyme bugs into super bugs which I am sure is a very simplistic explanation on my part.

TSH (Thyroid stimulating Hormone) was low at .05 (normal 0.40-4.00) and is consistent with hyperthyroidism.  This may be associated with:
  • a Thyroiditis (Grave's, Hashimoto's, Subacute)
  • autonomously active Thyroid Tissue
  • relative T3 overproduction, or
  • severe intercurrent illness, "Sick Euthroid" state
  • hypopituitarism (rare)
Dr Andrew said Thyroiditis and specifically mentioned Grave's disease but it will be retested with more detail and I will be having an ultrasound of my thyroid gland.  I know that the last time I had a TSH it was within the normal range but I often have unexplained bouts of anxiety and racing heart is worse sometimes.  It can explain diarrhea too and I still have loose bowels.  They are worse again today because I have cut back on the pain killers I was needing for the aches and pains so I am not benefiting from their binding-up side effect.

The only pathogen that showed up was Mycoplasma pneumoniae (a positive IgG) which I already knew I had in the past.  It can be a Lyme disease co-infection but as far as I understand it is quite common as a disease in it's own right - "walking pneumonia".  It is not enough evidence for Dr Andrew to put me on his antibiotic protocol so he is insisting I borrow the money to get the PCR for Borrelia test done.  He suggested my children as a source of funds.  Isn't that a joke?  At any rate, it is going to take some time for me to get it organised so I do not have another appointment for 6 weeks.  We are hoping I can get someone down this way to draw the blood etc.  I have to ring Australian Biologics to find out what to do and order the test kit and it is the Queen's Birthday (again) tomorrow so it will have to wait until Tuesday.  Yes, I intend to bung it on my credit card and go ahead.  I have not got time to go through the procedure to get out some Super.

Having said that I need a positive to Borrelia to be treated, people with negative test results to Borrelia are being treated and improving but it is likely to cause problems for the Australian doctor because it is an unconventional treatment not without risks.  I gather my doctor is already under scrutiny.  He is one of the few who are prepared to stick their necks out for their patients or their beliefs.  As an aside I see that Dr Sarah Myhill is being taken to court again and in cases like that, it is the patients that come to defend their doctors.  I have known for years that my local doctor Jo always did everything exactly by the book.  It is a shame there is no book for ME/CFS. She has no idea.

I think it was the test marked food RAST on the pathology request form that was labelled "Allergic Disease Investigation" on the pathology report.  I had a low reaction to one food group mix so it is impossible to tell what would be causing the reaction without further testing.  You can make some deductions.

Total IgE was 56 kU/L within the normal range

Allergen specific IgE:
Nut mix
(Peanut, Almond, Coconut, Hazelnut and Brazil nut)  was negative

Seafood mix
(cod, shrimp, tuna, salmon and blue mussel) was negative

Tropical Fruit Mix
(Peach, Kiwi fruit, rockmelon, banana and pineapple) was negative

Food mix
(Egg white, Milk, Wheat, Soya bean, peanut and cod) was a low positive (class 1)

Dr Andrew has marked this for further testing (extended RAST and ISAC suggested on pathology results form) but it is not included on my next list of blood tests.  Either he forgot or knew that it could not be bulk-billed.  It looks like I will need to be paying for something else but it can wait which is what I assume he is thinking.

My new pathology request form now includes:

TSH, ANA, fT3, fT4, TRABs and cortisol which can all be bulk-billed

I am resting and poking about and more comfortable than last week but since doctor day I have had really blurry eyes and have gone hoarse after talking on the phone (to Rob at one stage who is all exited because his son is giving him some money to by land or a house in Cracow if he can find one cheap enough) and the morning pain and loose motions continue along with the generalized aches and other stupid little things.  I'd be happy if we could live without having to eat because it would save me from a lot of gut problems.  I sort of wish Karla was right when she says that we will be living on air and light when the earth enters the fifth or is it sixth dimension - as we become less dense she says.

Main Street Cracow as I saw it in 2007

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