Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hey Jannette, where have you been?

A simple recipe for Lyme by Jannette Dann

Basic ingredients

An Aussie tick with Lyme
Insufficient medical care
Co infection of the ticks choice
A Goverment in denial

Please note all ingredients can easily be found in Australia just see your local area for more details .


1. Firstly get bitten by a tick ( can be substituted with other lyme carrying animals) be careful with this one as often you won't feel it , but it is the base upon all other ingredients rely.

2. Seek insufficient medical care , this step is easy as it is widely available within Australia and doctors are very good at helping you complete this step of this recipe for disaster .

3 Chuck in some roughly conceived misdiagnosis

4. Now mistreat .... Be liberal with this as is recommended by our government

5. Now to add your own special ingredient to make this your signature dish , choose your co infections and this will determine the outcome of you toxic soup of Lyme.

6. Now that your immune system is mush , let simmer for decades all of the above in your now compromised immune system. Then keep adding slowly more misdiagnoses and incorrect treatments to ensure you get the full benefits they have to offer.

7 . Garnish with your yearly income and the grated fragments of your life

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