Friday, November 04, 2016

Formation of biofilm Video

Ernie continues: Our research funded studies at New Haven University have destroyed the spirochetes and biofilm (cysts) of Lyme disease with cannabidiol at 10 mmol /cc concentrations. (corrected)
Positive subjective anecdotal improvement statements by many patients who had failed with prolonged antibiotics indicate the possible potential use for chronic Lyme disease sufferers.
Dr. Ernie Murakami M.D. Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus, UBC.
B.A. Bacteriology and Immunology ,UBC.

Dr Eva Sapi in 2010

The findings to date seem to me to indicate that Lyme Borreliosis is our modern-day syphilis in that both spirochetes will eventually progress to dementia or insanity of some other form if other organs continue to function.  A few researchers are trying desperately to prove that Alzheimer's is actually a biofilm infection.  I believe that the currently available antibiotics are unable to eliminate many infections completely because the bacteria change form in order to survive in spite of the threat as Dr. Eva above states. Our current antibiotics focus on killing the spirochaetal form which obviously reduces their number in the body and reduces the toxin load on the body however the surviving infection is no longer in spirochaetal form, if it ever was, immediately after antibiotic treatment, it is surviving in a form that enables the body to function better until the antibiotic threat has passed.  I was treated for a couple of other forms by way of alternate antibiotics and antimicrobial herbs taken in conjunction with the forms that were killing the form that originally invaded the body but I suspect that if there are also multiple pleomorphic forms known about already then we have not yet even discovered the antibiotic that will cure a late stage borrelial infection especially if you include other opportunistic bacteria within the umbrella of LYME disease (which they are not).  I mean that the world is desperate for a new kind of antibiotic because what we have got ain't workin' (so why bother trying again?) as a cure.  If anything, they are driving the infection underground (or in the joints or in tooth sockets) and swap their destructive behaviour for a state which is more self-preserving.  Kind of like the metabolic state our human body will go into when its survival is threatened  as seen in those with ME/CFS according to Fluge and Mella.  [The parallels are strikingly obvious when your Targin first kicks in but that's a joke...on me].  I am trying to say that morphed borrelia are less of a threat to human functioning than active feeders and breeders I think, so a year or so of better health is celebrated until the threat of antibiotics has passed which allows the destructive form to re-emerge Mum.  I'm sorry.  The other theory of my relapse is progressive vitamin B12 deficiency....but that's only my theory.  No doctor to date will even let me experiment.  It is just a vitamin for God's sake!!! And I have documented evidence of problems with it in the past.  I just managed to think up my next post didn't I?

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