Friday, November 04, 2016

My boys have moved on

S moved into a share house today and left the granny flat bottom floor rental where he has had more stability than ever before.  He was living alone and he was keen to take Milo when I go to Melbourne.  It is back to a share house situation with 3 people so this is a different kettle of fish for both Milo and my son but he has been feeling the urge to get in amongst it rather than be holed up watching TV from the bed because the place was too small for lounge furniture.  He did not even have an oven so he has actually ruined my Christmas present for him which he no longer needs.  I'm keeping it now,  but I am not telling you what it is.  He badly wants towels and socks which is not what he said another time when even he thought it was time for a "decent" Christmas present this year.  However we are all broke and in debt so it will not be much of a towel he'll be getting.

S says that one of the renters at the new place in North Lakes is a bikie and an unrelated statement to me indicated that he already knows that this move will only be temporary however the lease is for 6 months.  The aim of the move is to be closer to Connor especially now that his mother has drug problems that are becoming impossible to hide.  In fact poor old Connor does not know where his Mum is.  She was with him at his other Nana's place for a short while but not any more.  I have no idea if she has let her place in Noosaville go.

I just thought that I would post some photos of where he lived for most of this year and last. Where he first made Mulberry jam and ate BBQ food almost daily.  Solar sales and associated travel to towns between Tasmania and Northern Territory seemed to make it interesting from my viewpoint but even that has dwindled out to be replaced with the sale of education packages that promote recognition of prior learning for a man called (I always forget this strange name).

My other boy with his adopted family, a cute kitten, and his own son moved out of "The Domain" gated community and into the rental shown here earlier this year.  Later there was another addition to the household...  Kerry's problem dog which until this time had remained in the country.  This is the kind of dog that is going to bail you up.  But it was a neighbour's dog that killed the kitten and they kept that knowledge from Cohen who still is not doing a full day at school, just a half a day.

As usual, I will have to finish this some other time.


zena said...

Thanks for the update. I'll keep my fingers crossed for both boys and for the boys.

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