Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Episode 45: Research Shows Cannabidiol Is Effective Treatment For Lyme Disease

Ernie Murakami

He recommends the paste, 10 mmol per cc hemp cannabidiol oil which is actually not the marijuana cannabidiol (with THC I assume) but Ernie implies that the cannabis oil with THC would be doubly effective.

Blake Graham used to be the other half of Theda Myint and I am mainly friends with Theda's mother in Perth these days. That was so sad. Blake will be working with Dr Ty soon; good luck Blake. This is what Blake wrote yesterday:
Finding my symptoms so hard to cope with lately and life such a struggle. 😕 I have four main symptoms which combined leave me in bed 20 hours/day and extremely limited in what I can do.
Talking for more than 40 minutes causes all the following symptoms. Tinnitus, dizziness, shakiness, weak, clumsy, body over-heating, exhaustion, cognitive problems, more sound sensitive, POTS worse, feel revved up and sleep disturbed. Five days ago I talked for one hour and am still getting all these symptoms and have been feeling very sorry for myself.
Light/noise sensitivity. Prolonged noise or looking at screens causes the same symptoms as above. I can watch TV or look at a computer screen for one hour max. I can't be in a noisy environment with people talking for more than 30 minutes. If I really push things it can be several days to recover.
Severe POTS. Being upright -> chest pain, tachycardia, dizziness, exhaustion, shakiness, cold/blue/painful feet, cognitive problems, etc. Unable to sit up more than one hour at a time. If I sit up one minute longer my nervous system gets fried with tinnitus, body over-heating, insomnia, shakiness, etc. which lasts days.
Severe weakness. Minimal physical activity even while lying down -> chest pain, tachycardia, dizziness and shakiness. If I go over my tiny limit I get two days of chest pain/tachy, tinnitus, body over-heating, insomnia, shakiness, etc. I haven't been able to wash my own hair or shave for over a year. I can but it takes two days each to recover from. I shower with a hand held outlet while lying in an empty bath and even that leaves me collapsed into bed for 50 minutes with chest pain/tachy and then shaky, clumsy, weak for one day. Walking to the kitchen and back is my walking limit and takes 10 minutes to recover from. Brushing my teeth takes 20 minutes to recover from.
These four combined are just awful. Plus after each meal my body copes with the above even worse for the following 50 minutes. I get chest pain, tachy, weakness after meals and if I sit up after a meal POTS symptoms come on way quicker and I get severe nausea. I'm in bed recovering after each meal. Arrgh.😔 


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