Saturday, January 07, 2017

Our Jamaican Heritage and Health Report

Samuel Edward Moore Sr and Mary or Elizabeth (?) 


Saml Ed'wD Moore Jr who married Ellen Tucker in Surry, Kingston, Jamaica.  Ellen Tucker's parents are unknown (so far)

Ellen Tucker (Creole, person of colour, probably out of slavery by then) who had resided at Water Lane, Kingston Jamaica when baptised at 13 years old by the Church of England in December 1845,
Samuel (Saml) Edward Moore, son of Samuel Edward Moore Sr (?) in Kingston, then boarded the Glentanner ship.  I have heard that her age was lied about at around this time. They emigrated to Australia and the gold fields and 


Susannah Louisa Moore. (Mulatto?, my Great Grandmother)

Carl Heinrich Johannes Peters married her in Ballarat.  They had many children and 


Ernt Angus Peters (and Reuben Carl) in 1899 by which time they had moved to Melbourne where 

grandpa's mother, Susan Louisa Moore died the same year from complications arising from my grandfather's birth and he had the dubious honour in the family of being the one who killed her.  Any trace of colour was gone after that in my side of that family. Ernest met and married Marion Elsie Bray and 


Donald Peters and Malcolm Clyde Thomas Peters 

Malcolm Peters married Lucie Joan Greenwood and


me then my sister.

At one stage my Great, great grandmother Ellen Tucker became very sick (with sarcoidosis?) I have read from other researchers and her husband Saml could not look after her.  She was sent to live with Henrietta (not sure who's Aunt - ours anyway) in Coolgardie, Western Australia where she died (having outlived her daughter I think?)

I have found a Samuel Edward Moore listed as being in the artillery at Port Royal and there are plenty of canons at the Forts there, just check out the Google Maps photos.  I am not sure if this is the right person though.  Water street, where Ellen Tucker lived runs along parallel with the Water but back a bit from the big harbour and a lot of the street is now a big transit centre.

It all gives me something pretty new to dream about when I can't do much of anything else but like I said to you sis, I'd love it if we could go there someday. I'm not that into Reggae myself though.  The only other place I have wanted to go all my life but not particularly seriously is to see the Aurora Borealis.

I'd like to recommend a movie, available on Netflix with Hola set to United States.  It is about a lady also trying to find her coloured roots.  It is called Palm Trees in the Snow.

I have not been having a good run health wise, with severe eye pain and photophobia and an associated mainly one-sided headache with a few trigeminal nerves thrown in paining down to my missing tooth and across to my right ear.  This started before Christmas and has been quite debilitating.  My pain levels seemed to drop a bit when I first took the B12 sublingually again recently but today I am having an even worse flare of pain and stiffness that does not feel muscular.  Some is joint pain but some is sheet pain and the skin sensitivity is so bad today I screamed when Milo greeted me with her usual hind-leg stance placing her paws with their claws above my knees. Her constant pawing makes it worse.  But you know I love her anyway.

Yesterday (and before that too) I woke in extreme pain and along with the burning gut/stomach which has become a rotten new normal thing but it does subside after a coffee or two and sitting up for a couple of hours.  It usually takes that long for the pain killers to kick in on the rest of my body-wide pain anyway.  Two hours is too long when I have to face another period like that in the afternoon, well before the meds are supposed to have worn off.  So I wait, take, then wait again.  I need these pain killers more frequently to cover me 24/7 but I cannot get into the pain specialist before March.  And I also need to discuss what to do when my stomach or whatever it is gets blocked and the pain killers don't work at all.

Yesterday I was shocked to find that getting an appointment at Coastal Joint Care was going to take until September.  MyI swapped doctors this time.  I cannot handle that Lyme-hater Peter Nash and I have heard good things about Louisa Voight from an online friend who is local called Kellie.  She is not the first person who has recommended this doctor to me as one who will not give up looking for answers like all the rest do.  September the 4th is such a long way off!  I still have not talked about Christmas-New Year.  It was not the nicest Christmas because I spent it alone.  I missed not getting to see the kids open their presents from me and that is the fun part.  I also could not eat because of a stomach on strike so I really have just been patiently waiting to get better.  I woke up more alive yesterday but a MMA and gastrin and a few things blood test outing may explain why the afternoon was not good.  Not that I exerted myself apart from getting in and out of the car.  It is all pretty bad and I have more or less given up on the idea of seeing my sister for her birthday in February interstate.  Sad for me.  Disappointing for Mum and sis.  Anyway I am in yet another kind of flare up where lots of my insides hurt.  And I have the bowel problems as well as the stomach problems.

Maxalon seems to work as a prokinetic for my stomach to some extent if I take it every meal but then if the bowel is also sluggish it can cause problems further down.  It is so hard to balance everything and know what to eat or not.  Erythromycin is my preferred prokinetic because it works fast but it is an antibiotic and I can't find out how to get any with a doctor's blessing.  They hate the idea. Maxolon seems to work better than Domperidone (Motillium) which is weird.  I got no repeat scripts for it though.


zena said...

Jamaican history is interesting. Still rather have an aboriginal than a creole ancestor just because it would be nice to be a first Australian in someway. Still Jamaican is pretty exotic too.

I'm really sorry you're having such a hard time healthwise it's hard to read even, so living it must be hell.

I love you Judy xxx

ZzirF said...

you will have to find the first people link in Mum's side because I am sure when she talked about an aboriginal women she did not mean grandpa's mother or grandmother.