Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stomach blocked Again boo hoo and ACE results negative


I still feel better in the dark.
I wish someone would fix this

First I had better guess that I passed all the imaging tests mainly because I have not heard anything and no news is good news right?  I know for certain because Dr Craig told me when I returned about my swollen leg, that my ACE levels were fine.  I was not sure about why he reminded me that the results are not conclusive but he did.  I kind of hope that means he approves of me keeping on looking. I don't like thinking about the calf swelling that wasn't a swelling because the darn tape measure recorded the same size for both legs.  Oh man, that was embarrassing in front of his medical student too but it still looks a bit deformed to me and I have been having at first intermittent strong cramps there and now one long cramp that does not stop but is tight rather than too painful and I didn't even mention it at the doctor.  I got tongue tied after the tape measure and then did my usual nervous stunt - babbling on. I was looking for something to get out of that appointment rather than get up and walk out of there and then..... I talk to think.  He was open to discussion which was even more unusual so tick, tick and the mind reminded me I needed another script for Maxolon.  So the appointment wasn't totally wasted but they did scare me on the Internet, those comments about going to Emergency.  It certainly wasn't cellulitis like Phoebe suggested.

The Maxolon aren't really working every time I take one with a meal but I have not got anything else that does.
Coronation Avenue, Golden Beach by me

So once I have a meal, I risk staying blocked for 24 hours uncomfortably I may add, blown up like a balloon, unable to pass wind, unable to digest, unable to lie down but I might get a good meal one time and a bad meal the next but it is not really the meal unless I have a problem with meat.  The only time I am more likely to get away with have say 2 meals in a row without blocking is when I eat totally processed food which I don't have to digest much, or rice bubbles or something that turn into liquid before you have finished chewing.  Prawn crackers are good for that and the local noodle shop often has huge bags for $2.80 plus it seems Milo likes them too.  I get away with stuff like that but then I am hungry again in 2 hours whereas if I eat the other kinds with fibre and meat, then I may only get a meal like that once every 3 days or 2 days in a row and then not again till I clear properly because clearing partially builds up over days.  It is so difficult to manage that once again I am tempted only to eat gluten-free junk food knowing I am less likely to suffer.  But at least I am getting away with a whole egg and not just the yolk a couple of times a week now.  That's good!  No hives so far.

Yes that is the edge of my car.  I pulled over especially for that tree.

I eat so many strange things now.  I still have pains from the last couple of days but I think that tapioca pudding I just ate has gone through already so I will be hungry again soon.  And ofcourse this way of eating is no good if I put sugar in to sweeten it up.  But so many of the sweet foods have sugar in them and while my fasting glucose is down to 5.0 like it was the day before yesterday I am not going to deny myself what's in the Devondale "Smart Start" or the yoghurt and I think I can tolerate the inulin on good days sis so I will keep it after all.  I've got some Tumerix if you want that because the H2 blocker interacts.

I've interspersed this post with what I call a golden rain tree.

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