Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Day Out 

I went to see Doc Johanna today to get my referral to the rheumatologist and she has ordered some blood tests too to provide him with information - FBE; ESR; TSH; CRP, Rh factor, CCP antibody, Mg, VitB12/folate, Fe studies, ENA, ANA whatever all of them are.  I had to have a swab too for a suspected "ladies" infection and the only other thing I could fit in was getting some CFS/ME documents onto her computer for her to look at later. (If she bothers).  Mum wanted me to find out what to do about Scott while I was there and I also want a disabled parking sticker but that will have to wait until next Tuesday however she warned me they were much harder to get these days and she is not likely to push it and maybe will not even pursue it at all because she wants to wait until after the rheumatologist.  It annoys me she does not take me seriously enough unless there is something concrete on a specialist report.

It is the first time I have been out for a week and I was lucky enough to find a hairdresser with an appointment while I was at Golden Beach so I am less buffon except that it is also windy today so it is still a little frizzy.  It is the first haircut I have had since just before you came up to visit.

I forgot to tell Mum it is what's left of her money I am using for the specialist appointments.  Ideally I would love to find a sympathetic neurologist and cardiologist too.

S lost his job yesterday - "not suitable for the position".  He arrived at work to find his gear packed up in a box on his desk but he still insists that Sue thinks he has wonderful ideas and thinks he is great and they left on good terms.  S thinks it is mainly that financially the business is struggling but they were only paying him $170 per week for mostly a five day week but sometimes only 4 days.  At one stage he said that someone told them that he went into a bridal shop and was abusive to them but he says he never went into that shop so your guess is as good as mine as to what the problem really was.  I would like to find out and Mum thinks I should contact her but I doubt she will be able to breach confidentiality and I am not good at that sort of thing without suffering considerable stress.  Any stress is relapse material for me.  Flora next door thinks it is lack of eye contact in social situations (like her ex husband) but I could not very well tell her, that he probably does not acknowledge her properly because he does not approve of her family.

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