Friday, November 05, 2010

Can I borrow your poo?

This a really interesting idea - fecal transplants.

Dec 14 Addendum: 

I found this post on a forum:

I have just recently (3 weeks ago) undergone Faecal bacteriotherapy treatment ie use fresh live actively fermenting bugs from another human gut as referred to in the article on "Fermentation in the gut" above. I live in Australia and that is where Prof Thomas Borody is (also referred to in the above article), he runs the Centre for Digestive Diseases in Sydney. I was prepared for the treatment by taking antibiotics then underwent stool infusion daily for two weeks. My health has improved out of sight - I have had cfs for 26 years and I am the healthiest and fittest I have been for well over 15 years.
I do believe my cfs has been caused by an imbalance of gut bacteria from being on antibiotics as a child for 10 years then getting a parasite in my gut whilst in india, and it was 15 yrs before they found I had that parasite. So my gut flora was a mess - mind you it has only taken 15 yrs to work all this out. Maybe this could be your problem, an imbalance of gut bacteria.

I have also recently learnt that some of these bacteria do make nasty toxins and it is these tixons that make us very ill, I believe that is where all the toxins are coming from that cause ie brain fog, pain, depression, blocked methylation, depleted hormones, high levels of mercury etc. etc.

I also underwent Dr Kenny De Meirlier's treatment but I just couldn't get the good bacteria levels up so when I came of the antibiotics (which I felt fantastic whilst taking them) I would go down hill again. Tried his treatment twice but gave up in the end and hence I have now done the stool implant with Prof Borody. This year my health has turned around dramatically doing all these treatments for my gut flora. I walk 30-40 minutes a day now and I couldn't even dawdle 100 metres at the beginning of the year. I am now starting to live a full life again. But I am heavily supplemented and have also been on the Yasko methylation protocol for 15 months. So every little bit has helped get my health back. But I really believe it has all been caused because of the gut bacteria imbalances.

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Troyza said...

How are you doing now, do you feel the fecal transplant worked?