Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He lost his job but he is moving out Tomorrow

Yes, I have had him at home for a week and a day.  That's how long it has been since he lost his job because he was "not suitable for the position".  I have been very unwell with everything from glands sore to unbearable aches and I want something desperately for the pain and having him home meant more lectures and disturbed sleep.

Having said that, losing his job has not stopped him from organizing this move and looking for jobs.  He has had at least 2 interviews in this last week for similar positions and he has his Centrelink stuff worked out, how much he needs to borrow from me for bond (haha) and what furniture and food he wants to take.  He has also got a food voucher and is packing already.  He has changed his phone number because he doesn't like it and changed his bank so he could get a debit Mastercard so he has been really busy.He also says he cannot wait to get out of this "hell hole" which I think means me and my complaints against him.  I am extremely light and noise intolerant at the moment.  I guess that means I drove him away which I guess at least subconcsiously is what I was trying to do.  I have been very cranky with this latest relapse and today he can hear the results of my new heart monitor which I will post about separately.  He will not be around long enough to hear what happens when I try to take over the things that he has been doing but I guess it will be back to frozen dinners for a while and an ever increasing mess. 

I have notified the Housing Department but it seems there will be no refund because I was not actually 2 weeks in advance like I thought.  I must have forgotten a payment somewhere during a brain-dead phase.

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