Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gympie Overnight on 9th November

Another spur of the moment thing thanks to the instant communication provided by Skype.  I did not think the trip would take that much out of me but it did.  Nevertheless it was so nice to see them all and it was good timing because they had just flee-bombed the house (but not the animals).

I met them at the shopping centre with their groceries and drove them home so that saved them a taxi fare and Stacey was quite happy to have the opportunity that night to put $10 though the pokies while they borrowed my car and I babysat for not much more than half an hour.

Getting back to fleas - poor Cohen is covered in bites and the story that will never be forgotten was Sasha's kitten Missy being treated for fleas by Brett only to cause severe epileptic seizures for over 24 hours and costing them 600 in vet fees.  Apparently it is pretty remarkable it survived the fact that Brett had accidentally used dog flea treatment (which had a picture of a cat on the box). So Missy kept her fleas despite the toxin and the vet certainly did not include a free cat flea treatment. It is Stacey's cat, Brett's dog. And the plans are to keep the family of animals together indefinitely including Peanuts the budgie.

I was treated to a very nice smokey flavored BBQ chop.  Yum!


While she was shopping, S got Cohen a brand new bubble bath and it was not too difficult to get him into the bath.  He had a toy I had brought up to play with too.  So I took the bath video and sometime later despite all the bubbles you see already, Cohen emptied the entire contents of the bottle into the bath and their budget does not really allow for such wastage.

PS. The man of the house is behaving himself and stable at my place (except he moved the furniture without asking to suit him and I made him move it back today).

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