Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He is trying to catching up on sleep

It turns out he had not slept more than 3-4 hours a night for 2 months and it is only now that he has lost his job that he is able to sleep a bit better.  I knew I was getting broken sleep because of his early rises but I did not realize it was that bad for him for so long.  8 hours sleep a night would go a long way towards mental stability.  I am surprised how well he is coping actually.  Probably doing a Judy trick and living on adrenaline.

He may not move in tomorrow to a suburb called Brightwater in Kawana because he cannot fit in all he has to do.  That exam he missed from semester 1 is scheduled for tomorrow for one thing and he did not tell me till today.  He also has another appointment before the exam.  Don't know what. 

It seems he needs the single bed too but good riddance 'cos of the number of times Connor pee'd on it.  Yes he still wets the bed and soon he will be 7.  It seems he needs a trailer to move properly (including one of my desks and the TV Uncle Charlie enabled me to buy but I did get another off the curbside cleanup remember so it's OK.  He nearly packed up my DVD player though so I have to be alert but I'm not really well enough to follow him around with the heart monitor beeping madly).

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