Sunday, May 01, 2011

Family Catch Up

It just goes to show you that things can change.  Both my boys phone me every week or three and not just because they want something.  That is only every second phone call haha. 

B has only worked 3 days each of the two weeks he has worked for Widgee Engineering because of all the holidays.  Tomorrow is Labour Day and on Tuesday he is going to the Lung Specialist in Nambour so he has the day off (and his boss did not mind) so it will be another 3 day week for him this week.  He actually rang to share his knowledge about an Android App.  He still enjoys talking gadgets and computers with me.  He did not volunteer any information about he and Stacey - I think they let things slide a lot this time for the sake of peace.

S phoned today and rarely does more than touch base.  It is hard to extract anything out of him but he is still in the same house because "I have not got anywhere else to go" and he has not seen Connor since he came back from Bali and he didn't ransack the office at work to compare sales figures.  There you have it.

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