Friday, May 20, 2011

He's Coming Home (again)

 Last time I saw him he told you that "Mum's pretty good" or some such evaluation of my health.  It was a good day relatively speaking in the middle of a run of gut complaints.  I've been much more miserable with the gut stuff mood-wise.  There seems to be a connection.  Anyway it has been horrible because I got constipated again.  I am having so much more problems with constipation and on top of bruised colon muscles, it hurts just to carry the concrete around inside me.  I was planning on waiting until my next loose motion before I bottled it up for the lab test for Crohn's but it did not happen so yesterday when I got more than a pebble I collected it and went to the pathology collection room at the hospital for the blood tests at the same time as returning the sample.  It was the most 'normal'  sample I could have produced.  Not what I wanted to happen for the lab but it was great to feel so much improvement.

As coincidence would have it, now that I am feeling better, the universe flings a few things to deal with my way.  S phoned the night before and said he was having a panic attack but then when I repeated it back to him, he said "nah I'm not".  Then again yesterday evening after I got back from the hospital outing he phoned to ask if he could come and stay the weekend.  Then another phonecall later saying he wanted to stay for a week as of next Wednesday to save him money which means coinciding his next move to a new share house further up North with pay week.  Then he rang back and said he was having a panic attack, his car battery had just gone flat, he wanted to go to see a doctor and that I should come up and get him now.  But I do not think my actions are always for the best when I have to advise S.  I did not go and get him at 5pm in the rain to drag him off to the doctor like he was suggesting.  All of a sudden he wants to be Mummy-ganged again after all these years and talked into getting help - but only for a split second - he has probably changed his mind. 

He admits to not knowing what to do.  He seems to be at a crisis point.  After two years of knowing exactly what he wanted to do and how he was going to pursue it, he is floundering.  Roger said so too but also said that he sounded all together mentally.  Roger has started giving S money again when he phones with a problem - the car.  S broke the drought because he needed help.  Roger also asks to borrow money from Bev or B and St and back the other way with B and Stac so the money-juggling continues.  Funny how Roger is being obliging now that Br is working elsewhere.  Maybe soon he will want S out there working - if you can call it that.  While S is lost, I guess he is easy prey.

Anyway, I am going to top off a rather low, low week with a weekend of S (for stress) beginning today - Friday and I have to somehow encourage and advise at the same time as trying to teach him how "not to worry".  He will eat all my food this weekend, then it will be from Wed until he moves again that he'll be here.  Why he has to come this weekend as well as from Wednesday I don't really know.  Normally he would avoid spending too much time with me so I figure he is not comfortable in his share house but he denied it.  I ended the phonecall by telling him to get his car going - because he cannot come down here without a car.  So he left to phone the RACQ.  He was sitting in the car out the front of his house - initially trying to tell me that he was just trying to chill out in the car and relax so he just gave me a call - then soon realized that the phonecall with me was not relaxing him so he would hang up, then ring again.  That was the scene yesterday.  Today is yet to come.

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