Sunday, May 01, 2011

Hope against Hope that this isn't Crohn's

I have had a not so good week with my gut.  In fact ever since the attack I had way back at the end of last year after getting constipated on those trial medications for fibromyalgia, the gut problems have flared up and down but only for a couple of days at a time.  It has been a week of it this time and I am back to being scared of what I eat.  I automatically give my bowel a rest from heavy food when it plays up but that usually fixes things or it has done for such a long time now.  I guess that was what they call remission.  I could have gone camping had I not been ill with everything else because there were plenty of times I did not have to worry about getting to the toilet in time.

I was so lucky getting to my birthday lunch after a morning of toilet trips and that yuk nauseous feeling and I enjoyed the meal.  It did not seem to aggravate anything either but the next day, and the next and so on have been days where I have gotten the long forgotten combination of feeling both repelled by food and excruciatingly hungry at the same time.  I have had some intense waves of normal nausea but this other nausea is from further down than the stomach.

I have not had any delayed attacks where the pain is excruciating since that one a few weeks back but now this week I have a constant low gut pain, the one I remember is aggravated by bending.  It is a pity the weather is getting so cool at night and in the mornings because I want to be wearing loose clothes and avoiding wearing long pants or PJs.  I have only got up to about 8 trips to the toilet on one day but I have avoided more by not eating anything in the morning.  In fact, it has been about 1 - 2 pm before I feel safe enough to eat without cramping.  Today I felt improved in the morning so that I ate much earlier and I did not feel the need to take anything to slow the bowel (codeine or lomotil or Tramadol does it for me) but about 2 hours after that meal it was a different story.  So far then I have been able to obtain relief by taking something like that.

Yesterday the pain above my pubic area was killing my lower back too and it went down into my thighs - all on top of my normal aching.  I am so tempted to try the LDN since trials prove that it helps with active Crohn's.  But I am worried about being labelled non-compliant or worse if I confess to using it when it has not actually been prescribed.  I will suggest it to the Gastroenterologist or ibd nurse who I visit on May 13th. but like most, I am sure they have never heard of it and it will be the last thing on their minds.  I could try it for a week before then and then stop it before I go.

The main reason in my mind that I was going to the Gastro was for this burning mouth.  The way it is now, I can put up with it easily because it is so much better but I have had a few lumps and bumps rise up only to go back down again within 24 hours and a few feelings of the beginning of an ulcer on the floor of my mouth and side of my tongue.  Anyway, now I have these gut symptoms to complain about too but honestly I do not want another colonoscopy.  It is hard to believe that constant health problems that I have had since last November have triggerd off the Crohn's again.  I have been really tired and sleeping a lot the last few days.  And I was not well enough to go to the shops that day I was talking to Deb.  I had to stay at home again and have done all weekend except for the quick trip to Pelican Waters shops.  I'm now really hungry.  I'll try some creamed rice.  Have a nice day.

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