Saturday, May 07, 2011

Glimpse of Connor during Gut Phase

He was in one of those self-absorbed moods when he brought Connor over so I could finally give him his Hot Wheel's Easter Egg.  It breaks my heart sometimes to see how much of a killjoy he is.  He would not let Connor keep the Gecko that he captured in my house and which dropped it's tail much to Connor's fascination.  He had gotten as far as the car with it in his hands but when he saw that it was going to be grabbed by his Dad, he let it go in the slot where S was just about to put his mobile phone.  Swipe, miss, caught, and next thing I have a Gecko with a graze in it's head that peeled off it's skin over half it's head and still ofcourse missing a tale.  "Stomp on it" orders S in front of Connor who looked at me with horror.  I was not going to stomp on it in front of Connor but it may well have been what I did after they drove off.  But the gecko did not live that long.  His Dad jumped out of the car and stomped on it when i simply put it on the ground. Connor has to go off for a whole weekend with that self-absorbed control freak because S is really autistic this weekend.  You could see it in his eyes.

He ran from me when, as they were leaving, I was chasing him with the tree lopper to get through one branch I had hacked through lack of strength a few days ago.  It was 30 seconds of favor.  I insisted. Under sufferance he did it.  He is not much of a giver and he would not give in an inch to Connor who wanted to go to the closest park to here where he had built a stick house and wanted to see if it was still there.  But know, whether Connor liked it or not, they were going to Mooloolaba Beach to have curried-egg sandwiches which Dad knows his son won't eat.  Go figure.  S was not like this the night Mum spoke to him on the phone and when he was that person he would not remember being the kind of mean killjoy that he is today.  He had that suspicious look in his eye whereas the other day I got hugged for a greeting.  I hope he finds his comfort zone or safe place later today for Connor's sake. 

  He has also now decided he needs Vitamin D (some of mine ofcourse).  He announced he quit on the cellular stuff and the fish oil.  Now he seems to have picked Vit D but the few I put in a bottle for him, he forgot to take, just like Wednesday when he forgot to take the bread he so badly wanted.

If you want to know more about the Gecko, read on.  I am quite sure that this was the baby Gecko that was always in the way in my house.  Over the last week, I keep bumping into it in the most unexpected places for a Gecko.  The usually are out of sight during the day and may scamper across the walls at night, but this one was everywhere anytime.  On the stove when it was on, under the pile I picked up, under my feet, running around the computer desk and meandering across the floor.  I said to it yesterday - "it's a wonder you're not dead by now".  I tried to catch it so I could stick it outside because I didn't want to be the one that ended up squashing it.  Ever seen a gecko plastered to the wall in the crack where the door opens and shuts?  It is not a pretty sight and I keep an eye out for these things.  I know others would not bother.  R.I.P gecko.

Connor and I got in 5 minutes of play with the cheap version of the electronic spirograph that I always wanted when I was a kid.  I wanted the one that you did by hand, not this sort which rotates by battery power.  It was an Avon gadget and I have played with it before with Connor but I actually bothered to take out a screw-driver and remove the dead battery, replacing it with a new one this morning in anticipation of Connor's visit.  I think that the only reason his Dad even brought him here was that I had the Hot Wheels Easter Egg to give him.  It's hard for our side of the family to keep up with the gifts that have poured in from the other side of the family.  I have not heard of an Easter Egg coming from S and I know I have received nothing from my boys for my birthday and I am sure B could have afforded a $10 Amazon voucher for my Kindle which is what I asked for.  Maybe I will send him a link for Mother's Day tomorrow.

From Gecko's to Guts;
my gut is still playing up but not acutely now.  I think the chronic version is here for a while.  The motions are back to normal unless I let the spasms mount by eating too much or moving too much particularly bending.  Every morning I have had to take some codeine to slow it and it works but I have to be careful not to slow it down too much.  Unfortunately the joints have joined the party so now I am swallowing glucosamine and chondroitin.  My afternoons have been OK but the aching is getting to me.  I have spent so much on supplements this year.

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