Sunday, October 02, 2011


Collingwood did not beat Geelong in the grand final yesterday.  I was a bit disappointed.  S did not stay to watch it with me.  He asked if he could stay overnight Friday night.  He caught the bus down.  Ate the things he wanted and then hit me up for a small loan Saturday.  If I had not have dawdled getting the money, I think he would have left sooner.  He phoned again this morning and told me he left his phone charger behind and then asked me if I had somewhere to stay for a week away from this house.  He would not explain the reason behind his question.  So I have no idea.  I feel really crook. Joints, aches and dim witted.  I was hoping to see B this weekend but now I don't really care.  Had bushfire smoke in the air again last night and it is blowing a gale today despite the lovely sun but I'll be happy enough to dope myself up and and resume life once this pain and zombie-like feeling lets me.  I know he came down this way for the weekend but where he stays and what he does is not for me to know. I did ask if he would call in to visit me. I only got a maybe.

A bit too big for this now May 2011
Speak of the devil - he has been and gone.  He came to borrow money till Wednesday (S said Tuesday).  I am getting in the habit of taking out more money than I need knowing that it will get put back in my account via the Internet (unless it doesn't).  While he was here, I gave him a couple of ashtrays and he told me that just because he loves Stacey does not mean he wants to be with her.  You will see what I mean when you read the excerpt below.  But I am afraid he caught me in the middle of crying.  Just started crying today for no reason and this time I cannot blame Jamie dying or the beta blockers because I have not had any.  I read that my beta blockers can cause inexplicable fatigue and depression you see.  And I hate the sound of the wind in the roof.  You can never completely relax.  I mean - what is that bang that just happened?

I am still glad I got to see my boys this weekend.  I got a couple of hugs and kisses.

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hey man i still got the same number call me its your missus that i have no time for not you and the boy, i think of yous all the time and riley would love to see cohen...p.s. give me ya number and i call you if ya like
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      Hey man don't really know what to say. the main reason i stopped talking to u was because of the things u said about Stacey & Cohen and i know u where probably angry but it was just way out of line, im not with stacey anymore but i still love her and probably always will. i just did what i thought was right for my family. Sorry to hear about u and tams must be hard for u and i don't mean this in a mean way but maybe u can now understand what i was going thought back when stacey and i first broke up . Anyways man HAPPY B-DAY i might catch up with u on the weekend im coming down.

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