Friday, October 07, 2011

Amberlin Wu by Dr Dolan

Today, one more spirit dances. She dances without her body. Others must live, and continue dancing together, ready to fight, ready to love. 

Dr Dolan reports:

Please, let me tell you a story.

Amberlin Wu was born a strong spirited child, ready for the world ahead of her. She had passions to become a leader, a lover, a healer, a dancer. So much inside of her. She, like so many, became ill at a very young age. She was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She was pushed around in the medical system, and the more that she needed help, the more battle scars she began collecting. You see, our modern medical system is full of too much ego, and not enough compassion. Amberlin’s illness was a mysterious one, and doctors brushed her off when they did not have the answers. Amberlin, like so many of us, once thought that doctors were there to help you through your process of illness. She believed that people became doctors because they were compassionate. 

Amberlin was so compassionate that she herself even attended medical school at one point. She was too ill to continue, so she danced. But then, she was too ill to continue dancing, so she began advocating. She fought for the rights of all people like her, with this mystery disease. But when she went to rally her medical troops, her battle field was nearly empty. ...Where were the doctors she grew up with? Where were those healthy allies she had devoted so much of her life to? She was pushed aside by so many people she trusted, and thus began her collection of battle scars. Ironically, she prepared for a war, ready to face the opposition on the other side of her; little did she know that her battle scars would come from her own side of the war. The sad thing is, when we become so ill that we need our friends and neighbors to carry us, we have a hard time fighting a fight. And without the support of the medical community, she faced a losing battle, against her own team. 

Still, she did not give up. She began finding little peaks of light in the corners of this dark battle field. She began finding other wounded fighters like her. She stretched her arms and extended her own light into the souls of these other fighters. The more that she shared her light, the stronger they became. In turn, these other wounded soldiers shared their own light. And a miraculous thing occurred. A light. 

A beautiful light.

Among the wreckage of this dim army, began to grow a seed of light, that grew to a garden of hope and strength. She was connected to them all, every last beautiful bloom, Amberlin was connected. She began to see an army forming. People began rising above their suffering and bringing their voices together as one harmonious chorus. “Louder. Louder. Sing your truth, louder!” the people cried.

An army arose, a beautiful brigade of invisible fighters. There were children, mothers, fathers, teachers, and yes, even some doctors. Together, they were strong, and Amberlin was on that very front line. The people beside her, the people behind her, the light all around her. “Share your stories, tell your truths!” she cried again. “Tell your truths!” The people began holding hands and marching forward. They shared their truths, and they shared their growing light with the world ahead of them. Amberlin, along with so many, now had a mission; a dangerous, scary, magnificent and valiant mission. One with hope now, and one with a real army. An army of survivors. 

Together they were strong! And together they remain strong. ...Amberlin grew too weak to continue fighting this war for health and compassion. She, like so many others, began her completion of this circle in life. Her own personal battle was fought, and she fought so damn hard. She was a true soldier, a warrior... a hero. My hero. Amberlin, my hero forever. 
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Amberlin Wu by the rest of the M.E. community

Amberlin touched so many of those suffering from ME/CFS. As part of a large online community she reached people the world over by any means available. Even through her suffering, her bubbly personality shone bright. To have been touched by her is to have been blessed. In an unabashed manner, not often seen in the ME/CFS ill, Amberlin championed awareness through her advocacy, blogs, local support group, t-shirts, poetry, art, funny videos, as well as a very personal hospital stay online.

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Amberlin Wu's blog

She and I were contributors to Art for M.E.

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