Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Greetings

I am not sure what has happened to the videos.  Christmas was OK.  I was going to forget about it because I wasn't well enough to care about doing any preparations at all.  I made things last year despite being sick with that bronchitis thing.  I made rum balls and something quite exotic for the main despite it only being a Roast Turkey Hindquarter.  It wore me out.  Never again.   So this year I did nothing and S did everything so there was no way he could think the food was tainted if you remember that prodromal period in time.  So I handed over the cash and he bought what he wanted.  I had no energy for it anyway.  It was all store bought except for the fresh beans with the Roast Chicken and the oven-baked Roast vegetables needing no preparation.  It was delicious with the Chicken Gravy.  I did not even get around to turning the frozen cranberries into cranberry sauce.  They're still there in the fridge he defrosted for me with the steam cleaner. I am really glad that got done X-mas Eve because it was iced up so much.  I still have never owned a self-defrosting or no frost fridge.

Anyway, lunch itself was yum but my Christmas present didn't come until Boxing Day.  You know the shoes he bought with Aunty D's Xmas money?  Well he took them back because he didn't like them and because he had already lost the receipt, he had to do an exchange and there was nothing there he liked so I ended up with a second pair of runners in a size larger than I normally wear which are actually alright.  I guess he still has the shoes he half-cooked in the oven and yes the smell is now gone from the oven, but he still needs new shoes for work.  I have no idea if he 'really' approved of the T-shirts and I know he did not like the colour of the towel Nana also gave him.  He wore none of the T-shirts while he was here.  He is getting harder to please but he said he liked them.  

B said Cohen got heaps so he has not missed the presents from our side of the family.  I hope I see them soon but B will be going back to Gympie to work with Roger. B posted these photos from his phone on Facebook.

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