Monday, December 05, 2011

I've Been in bed since breakfast

He's been phoning and it has not stopped yet there will be more to come and I have been in bed exhausted.  He has moved his gear in to the new place because he had to move out of Kalua apartments but he says he is getting his money back tonight and then I am supposed to drive up and get him and his gear so that he can stay here (for nothing) and get back on top of things again...for a week or two.  The thought of having to lock myself in my own bedroom with the door shut in Summer so I can not be disturbed by him being here...oh no the phone...yes it was him, in an hour I meet him at the Shell at Kawana (he's been doorknocking all day around Bokarina), head to the new place, meet Eric at 5.30, and pack his gear in my car and come back here to live - thanks Mum!!!  It is 4pm now.  Yawn, I'd better eat something.

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