Friday, May 25, 2012

Connor has a baby brother

2.2kg  this morning sometime 6 weeks premature

Ange has actually been in hospital with some sort of complication so she had to stay in Brisbane and rest for a few weeks but she came home last week and here he is already.  Her Facebook page says both are doing well.  He has not been named yet.

I had a really painful attack over the last 24 hours.   I'd say it was because I was so backed up that it was so painful.  My heart is doing its racing when I stand up again so I have been laying low.  S thinks it is because he is here because he sees me sick when he comes but I have been sick enough and had gut pains recently when he hasn't been here remind him.  He has not seen me at my best.

When he was living in Toowong, he put out some feelers at the Corner Coffee Shop just up the road and he told me today that he is going down there tomorrow to do a trial at ....washing dishes.  If he is any good he is supposed to get a job out of it and he thinks it is as good a way as any to qualify for a credit card.  You sure don't qualify on Newstart and he says he "needs" one.

What year was John and Davina's wedding?


Don't even know where this is or when but it needs mirroring
Uncle Don oversees "get the ball in the bucket" He was on all fours not facing the camera

Is this another one of your McCall's dress patterns Mum?  Hate the hat!

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