Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visitor for a loooooooooooong weekend and a haircut finally

I came back from the hairdresser looking like this.  She didn't cut much and parted it down the middle to show off my greys.  She also would not give me the pensioner discount saying it has to be the old age pension.  I only went there because no appointments are necessary and I was already down at the local shops posting something.  I wonder what it could have been?

I also got a call from S last night saying that he would like to come on Thursday afternoon and stay for the weekend.  He has a dental appointment in Buderim that afternoon.  It is not going to happen that way because he is already here.  He turned up at about lunch time driving a car that Roger bought the other day for a whole $500.  They got it going and it looks like it needs some body work.  There is no talk of it being given to S but he is allowed to use it while he lives up there.  S had to come down and get his Uni books which arrived here yesterday as well.  Why they were arranged to be sent here I have no idea but I am still getting other mail anyway.

I have not been doing much of anything since I went for a walk down to the end of the street a few days ago because I was worried that using the scooter would get me into bad habits - or rather Jan said that the others think that is what is going to happen to me and do not approve of me having it.  Jan didn't really say what she thought but she enjoyed having a ride on it when they came over last week.  I suspect she thinks the same way and just did not want to admit it.

I am having an uncomfortable time right now - gut cramps started after tea - so I will post some more scanned slides another time.

UPDATE:  He left on Tuesday at about lunch time after Sally Fry phoned me.  She is the psychologist for the blue card.  She will have to ring back because she wanted to speak to me in private.  On Saturday he washed dishes for 3 hours and was offered a job which he said he would take for extra long shifts just on a Thursday or Friday.  I think he wanted to live here because it meant driving to Brisbane every week but I said no and the next thing I know is that he has told the guy to forget the job.  He was relaxed when he arrived and all tensed up and cursing things by yesterday after having to make these decisions and organising heaps of Uni stuff and dental and optical appointments.  Now he wants laser surgery to hide blood vessel streaks in his eyes.  He does not want to accept them as natural indicators of health or lack of sleep and he has so many versions of eye drops.  As he was leaving he was complaining about something new but I cannot remember what it was now.  

He thinks I am ill because he has been here but I don't think it would have made much difference either way although I feel relieved that I no longer have to be watched if I want to just sit there and stare into space and I no longer have to hear his noises - same as anyone else would make if they were toileting, cooking and readjusting the noisy massage chair recliner all the time.  The TV annoys him when I watch it and it annoys me when he watches it.  Please turn it off Mum.  I found another photo turned over so he could not see it.  Nana May and Grandad Greenwood this time.  Grandad's army photo annoyed him last time so I have not bothered to put up any photos since the painters came.  Even Cohen's diabolical grin has had to be moved out of sight into my bedroom.

It would be nice if S was better company because I'd like to be able to talk to him as a distraction from my problems but he keeps his cards close to his chest and usually spaces out into his own thoughts before I even finish a sentence....more so than when he arrived last week.

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