Monday, August 27, 2012

Skin Check Passed

Yes I passed the visual skin check scan - no machines were used except a magnifying eye piece so I hope it was good enough.  He (Bosworth) said I had considerable sun damage but the sun spots were all benign and he told me not to get the thing burnt off my forehead (as Dr Craig offered) because it is often not successful and more likely to leave a white spot from lack of pigment.  Apart from a couple of moles on my legs they were all just sunspots - Seborrheic keratosis to be precise.

S turned up while I was in the shower getting ready.  Apparently he had been to Nambour for an exam and he just popped in to pick up his mail.  He did not stay even for a coffee but he said it was going alright down there and he seems to think he has a good chance of finding a job.  Very good.

Last I heard he was going to quit Uni and do accounting at TAFE instead next semester.  

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