Friday, November 30, 2012

Bad Day

UPDATE:  It was Chinese Customs not Australian Customs that returned the parcel.

I lost all my energy again today.  I cried again today.  I feel lost and alone and depressed by the stuff I read in the Facebook groups so I have been avoiding that too. 

It was tablet day which means the reflux has got worse again as it does every three days.  It is supposed to be every second day I take a tablet from now on so it is only going to get worse and I can't say I like the idea of it burning a hole in my stomach and oesophagus.  I'll find out on Monday if I am meant to put up with that.

Let's hope seeing S and hopefully Connor tomorrow will cheer me up.  It seems S has an eye appointment in Gympie on Monday so now I know the "why" of the trip.   He says he will arrive around lunch time now.

I have just found out that customs returned my nicotine juice because it was a liquid which is really bad news.  I have nearly run out of juice and was due to take my next wean in dose any day I thought.  Now I am really stuffed.  They will attempt to resend it but now I do not know what will happen.  It was legal to get nicotine juice for personal use when I started this quit smoking attempt.  Even if it gets here eventually it won't be in time.  It takes weeks.  This is the first time I have had any trouble.  I hope the laws have not changed.

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