Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Glasses and New Floor Coverings Coming

 A QBuild worker phoned the other day to ask if he could come and test my floor coverings' underlays for asbestos in preparation for new floor coverings being laid in my unit next year.  I can only assume that the man who did the inspection post painting, authorised it after I showed him where the painters' trestle legs had severely scratched the vinyl in the kitchen/dining room and cut the carpet in both bedrooms.  It will mean that the carpet offcut that I have had sitting on top of the bare concrete in the lounge room will also be replaced with properly fitted coverings so he said.  This is good news. The hotchpotch of colours will finally be eliminated here.  I will have to decide whether I want vinyl or carpet in the lounge room.  I am not sure if I have a choice about vinyl versus carpet in the dining room which I am using as a TV room.  Departmental carpet is usually that industrial-looking plain flat type.  I will have to think about colours.

I also have to get new glasses.  My prescription has significantly changed with my distance vision getting better and long-sightedness getting worse over the last couple of years.  It also explains why I have been preferring to walk around wearing no glasses or cheap sunnies with no prescription inside (during light-sensitive periods).  I have a lot of eye problems including blurriness but they have felt much clearer since I either stopped taking the Plaquenil or started taking the Minocycline.

The local Optometrist I see has state of the art equipment including a machine that takes an MRI of your eyes or retina which is included for free.  The glaucoma checks were still negative I am pleased to say but I have a tilted disc in the optic nerve that was picked up on the MRI.  Apparently that increases my chances of getting glaucoma and causes a restriction of blood flow to the eye especially if your body blood pressure is low in comparison to the eye pressure.  Blood flow is also impeded because it tends to cause a kink in the blood vessel.  All it really means to me is that I have to be checked yearly for glaucoma.

For the record, I have my best close vision without glasses at 80cm with my right eye and 60cm with my left eye.  One eye for the computer screen distance and one eye at keyboard distance.

I will be getting the sunglasses I ordered in a couple of weeks and regular glasses in the New Year so that I could use my Medibank Private Rebate both this year and next to help towards costs.  I've had to pick the plainest glasses in the shop to keep the price down since it is just another debt on my credit card.  I guess they will become my Christmas presents but I did have my eye on a laptop laid back bed table.  I'll skip that idea for now.  I've been called up several times by the hearing aid clinic but I have not been able to get there yet and I know I will want to upgrade to a remote so I will have to postpone that too.  It is damned hard trying to juggle all the things behind my ears without either my cyst or the cartilage in general getting sore so I hope the next pair of hearing aids are a lot smaller even if it means sacrificing the bluetooth function which I hardly use.

My gums are still infected too but they have improved over the last few days since I have been doing oil pulling with coconut oil.  It has been worth the effort.

I am finally gearing up for Christmas because I have been having a run of a good day then a bad day then a good day and so on.  I've bought something for Connor and Jan and I have decided to send money up for Cohen so B can buy something for him.  Let me know if you want B's address if you want to send direct to Cohen.  There is not much point going through me.  B told me last night that S and I should come up but it seems Roger and Bev will also be going up there for lunch despite the fact that St has asked B to come to her place.  It sounds a bit messy and we might not even get there so that is why I am still sending the money - bank transfer I mean.

I wish you would write a blog Zena that I can read - I never know as much about your life and Mum's as you know about mine.  What are you doing with all your free time?

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