Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I take it back about faster crash recovery

I still have not recovered from going to the doctor this time last week.  I started Plaquenil the next day.  I said I was OK relatively speaking the next day post doctor trip but my main crash usually comes the day after that so now I don't really know why I have felt fluey achey with lots of joint pain too, including ankles that feel like they are cracking when I walk on them.  Not knowing why is the story of my life.  I've been looking up my Plaquenil records and cannot find anything consistent, I was on it and off it last year. I had itches, rashes, burning mouth and tongue and boil-like painful spots on my abdomen the first time I was on it after a month.  I quit the stuff but I went back on it even while I still had the itches, quit again then later in the year tried it again and didn't get the rashes.  I still had the burning mouth stuff then and all the thrush medications I was given at the time did not work but it eventually went away to a tolerable level.  I still get a tingly tip of my tongue. 

I've been battling constipation too and trying to detox with various things - lemon juice in water, milk thistle, coconut, grape juice, fibre, stopping my pain killers for several days etc.  I've had a lot of gut pain after eating until a couple of days ago when that seemed to settle mostly.  Everything just seems to be guesswork and the pain was too much. One day I cried emotionally and I don't usually do much crying unless I have sympathetic company and then it can bubble over.  All I know is that I am a mess except I have not had any dizzy stuff.  So it could have been worse.  The house is showing my neglect for a week.  I wasn't well before I went to the doctor so maybe it was all just too much forcing myself to go.

This morning I had to push myself to the dentist at 8:30am.  I chipped a bottom tooth and I was lucky enough to get one of the few remaining appointments before the dental scheme ends on December 1st.  There won't even be another dental scheme under the Enhanced Primary Care system until 2014 and not even the dentist (Francis) new what was happening in between in the public system. 

I had both middle bottom teeth reinforced with filling and she treated my inflamed gums up top which she said were pussy.  That hurt some despite having an injection (up my nose it felt like).  She removed a bit of an overhang where I normally get food caught - the same old place that gets inflamed all the time and gave me a bit of a scale and clean followed up with some desensitising gel.  That's it now.


irene speaks said...

OK. That's it. My brain is about to explode as I look at your blog because so much of it is either me as described by you and/or is just fascinating because you're from Oz and my son studied in Townsville for 9 years. Then factor in that when he couldn't come home for Christmas three times, I made myself show up in Oz on three separate occasions - once unannounced!
I'm THRILLED that you found my blog, needless to say! Thank you so much for leaving a comment and question (which led to a post!) because now I've discovered your world. I look forward to exploring it more as I calm down a bit. I DO tend to get extremely excited when I run into someone from Oz.
Irene xx

ZzirF said...

I'm glad we've connected :)