Sunday, November 18, 2012

This is going to be a wild ride

I still haven't been well enough to get out but this morning I thought I might be but I did my usual "having a shower and washing my hair" getting pooped check and did not pass so after I got dressed and ready I changed my mind and ended up staying at home.  Again. But at least I was looking a bit less dishevelled today until I had to slip into something more comfortable for the pregnant looking tummy that made its appearance.

I was hoping to get out and grab a few things just in case I reacted for days to my 2nd half of a Minocycline tablet.  I took my half a tablet at lunch time.  Then I went on to have a bowel attack which came on and went so fast that I feel OK again now.  If I am going to react like that then I had better stay at home after popping a pill.  I hope my body gets used to this medication after failing to tolerate the Plaquenil.  But it is going to be a wild ride and I have already been at the end of my rope with this suffering behind closed doors so many times already in the past two and a half weeks.  I'd dropped out of Jan's life and she got worried.

I am very pleased to say that the gut burning is easing off after waking up with it with the help of licorice root capsules, licorice tea and chamomile tea.  The licorice tea is also soothing to the burning mouth which is now tolerable if I choose the right food.

This photo was taken at Port Douglas during the recent solar eclipse.  Do you know who the man is in the photo?  It is my nephew Glen.  He just got married.  I have not seen him since he was a pre-schooler so I would not recognize him if it wasn't for Facebook. Definitely a memorable moment though.

B posted photos of his work place on Facebook too so now you know what he is making.  He likes it even better than the other Engineering works he left.
November Storms

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