Sunday, July 31, 2016

Connor had a sleep over on Saturday night

His Dad was supposed to be here Sunday morning to wake up to but his car broke down at the local shops on Saturday night and he had it towed to Kin Kin where he stayed until it was fixed.  He called in on his way home on Monday afternoon.  Luckily we had already done a bit of a family outing to get fish and chips for lunch but that night Connor did not care two hoots that his Dad was not able to stay over with him.  I had given each of them a room if you call the garage I am filling up with packing, a room.  I just knew they would need their own space and Connor had already asked to use my ipad on Netflix so that he could leave his Dad to the news on TV.  He did re-emerge later on when it was just the two of us.

I can't say I was well enough to get involved with him at such a late hour so he did the TV and I did the computer.  He chose to watch a series called Red vs Blue which seems be a skit on online gaming.  It was a war game and the humour was black, very black.  I was amazed at how much he loved it and laughed.  Surely you would have to be quite an intelligent 12 year old to be watching this I thought to myself but that has not prevented the family putting him on Ritalin.  It must be a Ritalin epidemic with Cohen on it too.  Yes, he has been on it for a while my son now tells me but.  Cohen is very adult about justifying why he is on it too.  I actually asked him to remember to try and remember himself, his true self, even if others are "wanting you to change".  A one liner like that is not bound to make such impact but compared to Cohen he does not need to be on Ritalin, however Connor thinks it will help him lose weight.  He sure has packed it on over the last 12 months so I can no longer blame the change of diet when he was living with his other Nana for so long.  He eats too much!  And he is fussy about what he eats.  Although he eyed off the Tamarilo until I told him it was a tree tomato. The last lot of seeds went mouldy in the moist blotting paper come glad bag set up I had seen on the Internet or something so I had asked him to leave me some if he chose to eat it.  It didn't get eaten, only the apple did (and I love Apple right now of the OS X kind).  I had manderins, kiwi fruit and passionfruit but none of those got eaten.  Scott loves apples too.  I only ever like them stewed, too hard to digest for me. I was a bit upset that he did not want my crock pot version of savoury mince. He was actually eating it when he asked me what "this" was, asking if it was pineapple.  I told him it was Paw Paw (great for digestive enzymes) and that is when he announced that he does not like Paw Paw and that was the end of Dinner for him.

S had a frozen Cannelloni dinner and gave him that but he complained that he was still hungry half an hour later and that's when he settled for a packet of noodles even though he does not like them.  I told him to make it himself.  I'd done my bit. I could only eat a little myself, in fact most of the stuff I've cooked lately has ended up in freezer bags.  This gastroparesis without being diagnosed is trying to kill me though malnutrition.  As soon as I try to eat nutritionally dense with veggies and stuff, it causes payback.  I'm down to one meal a day. But my body has been in starvation mode for at least a year now.  One meat pattie and one egg yolk was what I considered a safe meal during that year.  It certainly isn't a big meal.  When gut allows, I fortify that now with greens even if it is just dandelions out of the lawn or sprigs of parsley I grow and even more frequently your Salad Burnett Mum, just in case it is the only meal I can stomach for the day.

Anyway, on his way back home, my son was happy to take my mushroom paw paw mince home for tea that night.

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