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Essential viewing for MS patients - drug reaction warning

Warning from Thomas Greer

Please send this to MS patient you may know. Make sure they see the last slide on Neuro-herxheimer's-like reactions from medications . Patients should work with their doctors and titrate their dosing schedule by starting low dose and also taking a steroid like prednisone or dexmethasone. (Short term)

The medications of which he speaks presumably are worming agents bought over the counter, anti-parasitics etc.  I have heard of people getting more help from their local vet than anywhere else. Please view the video for info about brain herxing from medication.

Published on 28 May 2016
Dr. Alan MacDonald (via live video link from Florida) Chronic Borreliosis and Chronic Seronegative Lyme Disease ­ DNA Probes Solve a Diagnostic Conundrum
Dr Alan MacDonald's recent work finding Nematode worms in Multiple sclerosis MS patients spinal fluid and also finding Borrelia ( Lyme Disease) in the worms. London Lecture May 15 2016

Recent discovery confirmed by state-of-the-art Molecular Beacon DNA probes.

The examination of autopsied brain tissues from patients who died of serious neurological conditions has revealed that many tick-borne infections, such as Lyme disease, go undiagnosed and untreated. Board-certified pathologist, Alan B. MacDonald, MD, says his research shows "tick infections are not easily detected with routine tests, nor are they easily cured with short courses of antibiotics."

MacDonald will present his findings Thursday on Capitol Hill, in the Rayburn House Office Building, at a forum to explore the scientific, economic, and policy challenges posed by the epidemic of Lyme disease and associated tick-borne illnesses.

MacDonald found three Borrelia pathogens, including B. burgdorferi the causative agent of Lyme disease, thriving inside parasitic nematode worms, worm eggs or larvae in the brain tissue of nineteen deceased patients. These microscopic worms are endosymbionts, meaning the Borrelia bacteria dwell inside the worms. A tick bite delivers the nematode into the human body.

"Both the worms and the Borrelia pathogens can cause devastating brain damage," said MacDonald. "Current tests, like the ELISA and Western blot, do not adequately detect the presence of Borrelia bacteria." MacDonald says his discovery also shows "while patients are wrongly declared free of Lyme and other tick-borne infections, in reality, too often they contract serious neurodegenerative diseases which can kill them."

The Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center Tissue Bank provided MacDonald with ten specimens from deceased MS patients; all ten specimens showed evidence of Borrelia infected nematodes. Infected worms were also found in five tissue specimens from patients who succumbed to the highly malignant brain tumor Glioblastoma multiforme, the same cancer which took the life of Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA). Ironically, in 1993, Senator Kennedy chaired a hearing of the Labor and Human Resources committee titled: Lyme disease: A Diagnostic and Treatment Dilemma. Finally, four specimens from patients who died from Lewy Body dementia, the same illness which afflicted comedian Robin Williams, also showed the presence of infected nematodes.

MacDonald's work breaks new ground while building on previous studies. In 1984, Lyme pioneer Willy Burgdorfer, Ph.D. wrote of finding nematodes in tick guts. In 2014, University of New Haven researcher Eva Sapi, Ph.D., examined the guts of ticks gathered in southern Connecticut and found 22% of the nymphs and 30% of adult Ixodes ticks carried nematodes in their systems.

MacDonald identified the infected nematodes using a technique known as FISH: Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization which involves using molecular beacon DNA probes. FISH identifies pieces of Borrelia's genetic material which fluoresce under the microscope with a 100% DNA match. Dr. MacDonald, a fellow of the Academy of American Pathologists, conducts his research through the Dr. Paul Duray Research Fellowship Endowment Inc.


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Bifney Frayne
Unbelievable! I figured there was an MS foundation of some sort. Yup. $44m spent last year. No search results for MacDonald or nematode. I did see the names of some of my least favorite politicians and lots of way to spend money 'treating' the ailment. Through most of my life I've had the highest regard for scientists but over the last half decade that has nearly vanished but for a handful of people and Dr. MacDonald is certainly one of them. In a better world the guy would get one of the highest prizes in medicine. In our world he'll be lucky to keep his licence to practice.

Denise Puckett
Dr. Alan MacDonald THANK YOU 2016... My Goodness 60 something years after the paper By: Dr. Innes, SCD, PHD., M.R.C.V. S. No one in Florida will help.

Brendan Tnias
Probably the reason that there was no apparent follow up about the nematode vectors for other human pathogens was an enthusiastic and ongoing biological [and chemical] cryptic bioweapon development program probably largely clearinghoused through the NIH as restructured under the DoD via the Eisenhower appointed Nelson Rockefeller; and the Russian Dollbioweapon consisting of one vector, perhaps a tick, discharging an assortment of varied pathological stealth microbialsdesigned to incapacitate a target population with an array of symptoms such as would stymie the medical establishment'sability to diagnose. Ticks whose bite injects a Russian doll medley of mycoplasmas viruses bacteria and worms/nematodes that carry bacteria that harbor viruses and mycoplasma. What a marvelous thing to unleash upon America in the shadow ofthe NYC metropolitan area. Then lie and deny. Whom can we than for this?

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