Thursday, July 14, 2016


Yesterday I was as bright as a button.  I was even able to get something done for my son.  I looked and acted and walked normally.  Today I can barely stay awake and my gut is burning.  Already had a nap but it did not do a thing.  It is very hard to focus on what I am trying to do and I mostly give up, sit and stare until I go back to bed.....I suppose that is what is next.  I should order some online groceries or else I will have no milk tomorrow but I just can't do it now.  Glad we got that phonecall in yesterday my sister because I wouldn't be doing that today.

I tried to set up messages on the house phone but something is not right and I was in the dream world when someone tried to get me.  I don't think it was the ANZ bank again.  My brain heard someone yelling but I suppose it was someone leaving a message but it did not record it so I have no idea what it was.  Anyway, that is where I am at with the phone.  It is better for me if I can get it to record a message silently if that was an option.  I can't remember.  At least I had a go yesterday.  It could actually be working.  It is just that today, I am not well enough to care even though I did it so that I didn't have to hang up on the ANZ bank calls 3 times a day.  They hang up if they get a message machine and do not leave a message.  I changed the message but I forgotto stop the recording soon enough after I finished which actually makes it a long recording that has to finish before you can leave a message of your own.


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