Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It is good to have a son

I love this view
We got on pretty well together while he was staying here. At times the extra noise of the TV going got to me and we had to watch that Milo didn't pee out of excitement to see him every time he walked in the door but in general it was good to have time together. I love him you know. He does pretty well with all that he has stacked up against him so it is obvious that he is intelligent enough to compensate. His verbal IQ was 120 when I was studying child development and remedial teaching and had access to the dinky di tests. But like a younger me, he is still trying to be what the world wants him to be rather than who he really is. I know how hard that is and how stressful but his intentions are good and hopefully one day he can let that go and replace it with being authentic while still being able to love himself. My wish for him anyway.

Meal times were better when he was around but Milo had more reasons to bark and I can't say I enjoy her frequent barking. I had a nice break one day when S took her to the beach. As an aside about Milo, she has been accepted into the Pets For Life program so it will not be long before she will get regular weekly walks with a volunteer. Jan is a volunteer herself and I considered volunteering for it in the past but now I am grateful to have the program available for me.

S likes to make sure things are in order before he leaves me these days which is a pleasant change and much appreciated.  He has concern for his mother, too much at times when he talks about putting me in an old people's home.... so the safe thing for me to do is fill in that EPO form putting my sister in charge. 

S always forgets to do something but not on purpose.  This time it was the sofa bed.  The sofa bed got me a doozy in pay back when I ended up doing it myself.  Anything that involves straining does.  It is a bugger of a thing to turn back into a sofa especially with tennis elbow.

I got the kitchen curtains washed while S was able to get them down and put them back up again and on the day that he thought he would not be back because he was leaving to go fishing in Kin Kin surrounds, he really got stuck into what needed to be done.  He did the dishes (he did them a lot while here, but he made big kitchen messes so just as well he did lol), got the remaining chokos off the vine and put a lot of palm tree droppings in the bin for me without me even asking and they have horrible thorns a mile long!  I caught him in the act on camera.  I really appreciate this boy of mine when he is about to leave.  That sounds ...........the way it should :)

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