Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My firstborn is back home after a week here

It is going to be an unusual read.  What happened tonight earlier, which actually was yesterday beginning at about 7:30pm.  Neither of us can get to sleep but at least he is back home safely.

He wasn't even meant to be here.  He left here yesterday to go fishing at Kin Kin despite Roger not being there and despite not being able to take Connor.  He still stayed overnight there at Roger's and went fishing with some mate of his Dad's but he was out of mobile range as usual for that area.  I was glad when I found out that he had seen my Facebook message informing him that he had left his bathroom bag here with pretty important stuff in it like his tablets.  He got here after lunch.  Next thing, one of his cancelled appointments came good so he was going to head out in the name of Salesmanship, all dressed up nicely which always impresses Flora next door.  He left for that when I went to have a sleep.  I was wrecked because I had put the sofa bed back into a sofa an hour or so before.  It was a terrible reaction to effort I might add.  Anyway, the plan was that he would come back here to get changed and have a coffee before he left for home and I would have a sleep before I puked.

I've been having these terrible sleeps lately and it was hard to wake up.  I knew my son was back in the house and it took 10 minutes to get up maybe.  He had made coffee, had the TV going very softly like a considerate person would then headed out to his car to get his clothes bag so that he could get changed.  That's when the drama started.  He came in announcing that he would now have to drive back to Kin Kin to get it because it was the only place it could be since the bag was NOT in the car.  What a pain we thought but it is not an unusual occurrence for him to leave things behind. I was a bit more awake by the time he left.  I was sitting at the computer and saw what I assumed was a police van shining torches into yards.  I have seen it before around here but it hit me intuitively that my boy was going to end up involved and no sooner had I dismissed that thought, Scoot came in through the front door saying his wallet was gone with the police in hot pursuit.  Yes, they were heading to the door while he was madly looking for his wallet everywhere.  The peculiar thing was that when Scoot realised his wallet was not in its usual place he pulled over on the side of the road and was rumaging when the police van went past shining their torch and instead of driving back here, he got out of the car and started to run back here in a panic over his wallet.  He became suspect number one for a short time but they went back out on their patrol shortly after they were satisfied that he wasn't.  I went out there at one stage and walked down to his car armed with another thing he had forgotten but I did not know the police had already had words with him about contaminating a crime scene for their dogs and now I was there with my dog although they were a house down further from his car.  Scoot told me to get back home as I handed him the stuff I had in my hand, so I did.  He brought the car back into our driveway and continued to search for his wallet while asking me for money to drive to Kin Kin.  It still had not twigged that his stuff had been stolen by the very man (I sexistly assume) the police were chasing.  But when it did, and their van was going past our house once again, he went out and told them that he thought his wallet may have been stolen and I heard one of them yelling out to "fuck off".  So he came back inside not hearing a word I said the whole time (for eg, shouldn't you phone and check before driving all the way to Kin Kin and other dumb things like getting someone else to check his bag to see if his wallet was in there).

But Scoot was piecing things together remembering the scattered receipts on the car seat and the fact that he left the car unlocked parked on the nature strip while he was inside making coffee.  We heard a lot of dogs barking down the road at one point and not long after that a police woman came back to the door and sort of apologised and told him they found his stuff in a back yard thanks to the dogs.  The person jumped over the fence leaving it behind.  Next thing Scott comes in with his clothes bag saying that they will bring the wallet back when they had finished with it in an hour or so.  We just waited and drank more coffee.  When he got his wallet back it was minus the cash but he did not have to cancel all his cards etc.  Leaving the door unlocked cost him $90 but it could have been worse.

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