Thursday, December 02, 2010


It is his last night living here except for one thing,  he is not here and it is 3.30am.  We had a blackout which lasted for hours and I have no idea what happened but it was only very local.  During the time in candlelight I thought it was a good time to chat but he did not get the message across that he did not want to talk because the only verbal clue I had was a conversation beginning with "I know what you're doing" said in a very accusatory manner.  So the next ten minutes was spent with him lecturing me about this deliberate assassination of him and my trying to defend myself.  Finally he said that he was looking forward to just sitting there in the peace and quiet so that I realized that he had totally failed to convey that message at the beginning of the conversation.  As soon as I got the message, we did just sit quietly.  In fact he fell asleep. 

An hour or more later he woke up to candlelight.  I gave him a portable light for his bedroom and I found him sitting and examining his face in the mirror and he said "I have to get out of here.  Look what it is doing to my face/forehead.  I am going for a drive".  I have not seen him since.  He cannot be at his new house because he has not even got the key yet and the new arrangements are that he meets Brent tomorrow afternoon after work.

The lights are back on - I woke up to them.  And I can just hear his car pulling in so all is well - I was just about to phone. Phew!

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