Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Expensive Probiotic Therapy

In a previous blog, I spoke about faecal transplants and I have now found that these can be performed at the Centre for Digestive Diseases in Sydney.  Perhaps when I get my Superannuation at 60, I may still be interested in trying it out and it seems that a family donor is an option provided that they pass the screening.  I would guess that this very expensive procedure would be cheaper using a donor.  For now, I just want to record the web site for future reference http://probiotictherapy.com.au/ and note that this procedure is also called Human Probiotic Infusion (HPI).

I am actually leading up to a course of Inner Health Plus and probably IBS Support by Ethical Nutrients again because I have been really 'out-of-sorts' in that department since the Doxycylcine, Lyrica and Prednisolone.  Except for during the recent bowel attack, I have been constipated for longer than I ever remember and I was so bloated and tight that I found it difficult to bend over.  I have also been taking liquid nilstat for oral thrush recently and at the moment because of the bloating and thrush in other areas as well I have to suspect a candida overgrowth so I have put myself on a course of Nilstat capsules to kill it off.  That means that I need to repopulate the gut flora when I finish it and that is my plan.  The excessive bloating has already gone thanks to the Nilstat (which is an anti-fungal).

I have been reading an M.E. patient's story about her treatment by a well-known ME/CFS doctor in the U.S.A at http://forums.aboutmecfs.org/content.php?357-The-Corinne-Dr.-Peterson-Chronicles-Followup-CFS-treatment-ME-CFS-antiviral-procrit and her (Corinne) prescribed treatment names a specific type of potent pro-biotic which she takes every day.  Again, it is very expensive at $120 for 30 sachets but because it was named in her story (VSL #3) I have been able to track it down in Australia to at least this site http://www.epharmacy.com.au/product.asp?id=49735&pname=VSL+%233+The+Living+Shield+Sachets+30 It is also used as a treatment for Crohn's.

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