Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Family Stuff

B had a lung scan last week and Stacey just told me "It says on his xray results scattered nodules and well defined cysts throughout both lung fields." and the doctor suspects "pulmonary langerhans cell histiocytosis" and he is also getting checked for Ross River Fever because "he has he has been unwell for 2 weeks first it started with him aching all over real bad headaches and then he couldn't move his eyes properly cause they hurt
and he was sweating like crazy".  Quotes taken from a Facebook chat with Stac.  She says he is better but was still getting headaches when Roger said he had to come back to work and he has not stopped working since Thursday last week - which I guess means he has not been living at S's but at Roger's.

Sc has been living here for over 2 weeks and driving me nuts (he has broken and thrown out stuff I wanted including that upside down Sorbelene Bottle that I wanted refilled for the shower that you gave me - so I need another one).  He has not paid his way except for a bit of food he had so I have been supporting him mostly because he is broke and had to lend him all my money for a new place that he is moving into tomorrow - rent in advance.  His bond loan is being approved.  Yesterday his car broke down and I had to drive him around and back to his car and buy fuel  in a can because he thought it was out of petrol.  Luckily he joined RACQ recently so the tow truck that took his car to the radiator shop was free but how he is going to last a fortnight paying for that water pump replacement and paying me back some (so I can make it through next week) I don't know.  But hopefully it will work out because this time he has a 6 month lease through a real estate agent in another share house.

I feel heaps better in that I feel like I am on top of the virus and chest thing now.  Still have sore throat and glands but I cannot tell what throat is thrush still.  How do you know?  I am taking nilstat capsules now to kill off candida in the gut because I have been so bloated and then I will have to get into the inner health plus again.  

My mattress arrived yesterday and it was a good heart-rate day so I was fairly active with sorting out beds.  I could not believe it was a mattress when it was delivered in a roll vacuum-compressed and then it had to be cut out of it's retraints and boing!  A full-sized mattress which has to settle for 7 days.


zena said...

Is that B's xray?

ZzirF said...

Yes I think it was either his xray or CT scan she was talking about. B gets a blood test on Friday because that is when Roger will allow it and take him into town and probably drop him back to St for the weekend.