Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Zena

I just finished talking to you on the phone for your birthday and to tell you the news about S not getting paid on moving day (today) and getting his car out of the workshop day (supposed to be today) and to tip you off about your present that is not a present so you know all the news anyway.  The best part is he has to walk all the way to town and back now with his ear plugs in and phone playing, so it will do him good and for me it means peace in the house except for his load of washing which is making the washing machine beep in error (it is the worst washing machine I have ever had for keeping it balanced).

I have just got to get the mattresses sorted before he leaves - he moved everything back the other day and said I could not lie on my new one for 7 days so that what I had spent my energy on moving was negated because he undid it all.  He is a very good un-doer.  I wash and put away a jar I like with a future purpose in mind and he throws it in the bin and then I pull it out and wash it again and so on.  When I am too crook to notice these things, he wins yet he will expect me to produce a jar when he needs it or a quilt for Connor or him and he will not believe me when I say "You took it with you when you moved" - even the ones he has thrown out - the leaking ones I shove into a doona cover because that is all that was left, which were not good enough for him to use even after washing - he wants them again when it suits him - but I am not sure there are any left now.  I see the doona cover in the wash (my single one for camping) so where the rest of it is I have no idea.  I paid him to stack the garage so I could get my car in before cyclone Yasi (you will be happy to know) but whenever I ask where anything has got to now - he has no idea and I have even less of an idea because I was still sick when he did the job.

I can't believe how much he has lost or wrecked since he moved out on the 2nd Dec and the stuff he breaks here (dishes).  He took my iron and it never came back, you know about the bed and the woolen overlay, and my K-Mart voucher for the blender, my umbrella which he borrowed and is looking for today expecting me to produce it when he did not ever return it and would you believe the very day after I told him I was going to plant this sprouting choko (see, look) he cut out the mold and the stem and shoots and left a shriveled lifeless choko in the fruit bowl - it was his way of cleaning up.  Water bottles go missing so much so that I have not got enough for camping any more and I think every single sleeping bag has gone - even the feather doona I gave him which he denies I ever gave him.  The wall-clock I gave him for his last birthday was left in the car for it's backing to peel and I can't be bothered trying to think of any more.  Just having a vent.

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zena said...

I found this one which I thought was quite useful

Also B may want to tell them that I had sarcoidosis many many years back. Do you remember when I had the lump on my thyroid and all my readings went haywire - I would have been in my mid-late 20's I think. Anyway I went to a diagnostician and following a needlebiopsy on the lump (to rule out anything sinister) a chest xray revealed that I had numerous lumps in my chest cavity (not actually in the lungs)- they cleared up on their own over many months and the thyroid one went quite quickly so my readings went back to normal. After clear follow up xrays for a year or two I was told to forget about it. I remember him telling me that young women manifest lumps on their legs more commonly and it was a freak I just had the one visible lump and it happened to be on my thyroid. He said people often have no symptoms and only find out by accident. He was the same guy that diagnosed Dad.